How to Get Dragonbone Artifact in Monster Hunter Rise

This guide will explain in detail how you can obtain the Dragonbone Artifact in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion.

Sometimes playing an adventure game awakens the explorer inside you and you want to dig deep, literally, and find stuff that has been hidden for hundreds of years. MH Rise: Sunbreak gives you the perfect opportunity by letting you collect hidden artifacts. One such artifact is the Dragonbone Artifact and this guide will explain in detail, how you can obtain it in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to Get Dragonbone Artifact in Monster Hunter Rise

Dragonbone Artifact, a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise with the Sunbreak expansion, is a rare artifact that belongs to an elder dragon that once ruled the lands. It is said to have hidden powers that the owner can obtain.

For this artifact, you won’t have to kill any monster in order to obtain but it can be found among bone piles on any while in Master Mode. There is no specific map where these can be found. As long as you are in Master Rank Mode, any map has the chance of spawning this rare artifact.

Running around blind won’t do you any good rather you should make a path and then go over that path over and over again until you find the Dragon Artifact.

It is recommended to maximize your stamina and in order to not waste any time resting. Palamutes are very useful on an expedition like this since you can ride them and save your stamina for exploring.

The best map to dig out Dragon Artifact is The Jungle as this map will allow you to search 6 bone piles before you will need to rest and let the bone piles respawn. In order to maximize your search, you can wear armor with the Geologist Perk which will allow you to search every bone pile extra time depending upon what level of armor you are using.

If you don’t want to waste the time you have in between the bone piles respawning, you can use the Botanist Perk as well which will allow you to gather resources from plants while you wait.

You can consume the following items that will increase the chances of the item spawning and also reduce the time taken to collect the piles.

  • Raisin d’etre Danog
  • Bee-utiful Django
  • Call-of-the-Wild Django

These items will greatly help you in your expedition. Another tip is to search the pile as soon as they spawn and then use the remaining time to look around and find other useful items.

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