Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Barroth Crown Location Guide

The rarer and the more precious material is, the harder it is to obtain. Sometimes gathering precious material can be a challenging task and can push your gamer skills to the limit. Barroth Crown in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is one of those materials. In this guide, we will explain in detail where you can find Barroth Crown in Monster Hunter Rise along with how you can use it.

How to Get Barroth Crown in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Barroth Crown is one of the rarest and the hardest materials to collect in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. It is a Master Rank Material that is the newest addition to the collectible materials in MHR Sunbreak.

Barroth Crown can be obtained from the Scalp of a formidable monster by the name of Barroth. Barroth is a one-star Master Rank Target that is mostly found in Sandy Plains. You can obtain the Barroth Crown by breaking Barroth’s head and then carving it.

The problem doesn’t lie with finding a Barroth to kill but the real problem is that the scalp of Barroth is extremely hard and breaking it open is a task in itself.

You can check out the following tips to deal critical damage to the scalp of a Barroth and obtain Barroth crown in MH Rise

Use Pathbreaker Skill

Pathbreaker skill will increase the overall damage dealt to different parts of a monster’s body by 30%. When you are trying to break the skull of a Barroth, you will need all the extra damage you can get.

Utilizing Silkbind and Charge Attack

You can also use Silkbind attacks to deal critical damage to Barroth’s head because a Silkbind attack is effective regardless of the type of monster you are fighting.

Along with silkbind attacks, you can also use the Charge Attack which will reduce the overall chances of your attack bouncing back.

Using Alternate Tricks

Barroth is not very friendly and won’t let you hit its head very often that is why you will need to alternate tricks such as traps and sleep paralysis etc to make it easy to hit its head.

Following is the drop rate of Barroth Crown from the Barroth in MH Rise Sunbreak

  • Target Reward:6%
  • Capture Reward:8%
  • Carve Reward:70% (Head), 6% (Body)

Uses of Barroth Crown in MH Rise Sunbreak

Barroth Crown can be used as a forging material to upgrade your weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. After forging, you can use it to craft the following materials.

  • Barroth Mail X
  • Alumdron Helm X

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