How to Defeat Arzuros in Monster Hunter Rise

This guide enlists all the abilities of the grizzly Arzuros and covers the entire encounter so that you know how to defeat Arzuros in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Arzuros in Monster Hunter Rise

Arzuros is a huge bear monster wither scaly forearms. It possesses incredible strength, which makes up for its lack of agility and elemental attacks.

Arzuros’ Moves

The most common attack you will have to deal with is the shoulder slam. Arzuros will rush towards the player and knock you down. Keep in mind most of Arzuros’ attacks can stun pretty easily.

If not on all four legs, Arzuros can also stand on his two hind legs and rush towards the player while swinging both its arms. Arzuros will sweep its arms four times before the attack is over, so keep dodging.

Arzuros also have a couple of grab attacks. First, Arzuros will simply grab you with its arm and throws you away in the air. This is mostly followed by a rush attack of Arzuros.

The other grab attack Arzuros uses is where it grabs you and stands on its hind legs. With you in its clutches, Arzuros will slam down, bringing your character down into the ground.

Arzuros has two major stomp attacks. If you are in front of Arzuros, he will stand up on his hind legs and swing his arm at you.

This attack will knock you back and can inflict stun on your character. Other, if you are attacking Arzuros from behind, Arzuros will swipe you with his tail and attempt to sit on you.

Battle Strategy

Arzuros’ weakest points are his head and hind legs. Melee weapon users should prefer the hind legs of Arzuros, whereas players using guns should try to aim for his head. Arzuros is weak to fire, ice and thunder, whereas he is resistant to water and dragon.

Since Arzuros is a bear-type monster, it loves honey. So much so, it will steal any honey you are carrying and start eating it at the spot. This leaves Arzuros vulnerable as his head is down and you can easily get in a few strong hits. This makes honey a great tool for distracting Arzuros.

Keep in mind Arzuros will stay on his hind legs for most of the fight, but if he gets on all four, he will be faster than before.

This means his hind legs and abdomen will not be exposed as much as before, but his head will be easier to hit. Still, it’s best to avoid him as his attacks and movement will be faster as long as he is on all four legs.

Arzuros is very susceptible to poison, paralysis, sleep and blastblight. These will prove very helpful if you are having a hard time countering Arzuros. When enough damage has been dealt to Arzuros, you can mount him using Wirebug or using a Puppet Spider on it.

If you can get Arzuros to attack a Great Izuchi or Great Wroggi, you can wyvern ride these against Arzuros and deal extra damage.

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