Kid Spends $1200 On Fortnite V-Bucks, Epic Games Comes to the Rescue of Mom Freaking Out

Nobody's wanted V-bucks as much as this kid I'll reckon. After being given an open-ended credit card to use by...

Nobody’s wanted V-bucks as much as this kid I’ll reckon. After being given an open-ended credit card to use by his mom, the mad kid spends up to $1,200 on Fortnite microtransactions. Yikes! Luckily, Epic games refunded the mom so all’s well that ends well, no?

The story comes from Jacksonville where a woman thought she was involved in some sort of credit card fraud. Who wouldn’t be if your bill was $12,00? The situation cleared itself when the culprit got exposed as her son who was making them V-bucks rain.

Fortnite is a free-to-play game that’s taken the world by quite the storm in the past year. The attribute of being free-to-play means that the game makes money in different ways. Specifically, in this case, microtransactions.

Fortnite hosts an array of in-app purchases such as skins, cosmetics, maps and other sorts of season passes. Of course, the average spending should be up to maybe what, 10-15 dollars? Not 1,200 in one go for sure.

There’s no doubt the game is quite arguably one of the most popular ones the gaming industry has put out. I mean even platforms like Netflix admitted it. The game’s F rating and widespread accessibility for being free and available on every console/PC and Mobile just adds to the phenomenon.

Then on the whole side of the controversy, people obviously found a way to make a swing at the gaming industry. Implying that it reinforces wastage of money, reckless spending and Fortnite being an addiction.

While those COULD be true, you have to take into account that this was a child. Not just a kid, but a kid who had access to a credit card. That’s a bad decision, to begin with honestly.

I mean if I had access to a credit card when I was what, 10? I’d probably hire chaperones and bodyguards to the schoolyard. As well as a lifetime supply of pokemon cards and a Master Chief helmet. Since I think Halo 2 was a recent release back then.

I’m not saying or implying that this mom was a bad parent. Just that she made an oopsie by giving her kid a credit card. If anything, she should get him better games herself. And since Epic Games refunded the money, all’s well that ends well.

Source: news4jax

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