Mojang Is Still In Talks With Sony About Cross-Platform Minecraft For PS4

Mojang is still in talks with Sony about the possibility of adding the Playstation 4 to their cross-platform Minecraft Better Together update.

Apparently Mojang, the studio that brought us the worldwide phenomenon Minecraft, is still in talks with Sony to see if cross-platform Minecraft will ever be a reality on the Playstation 4. Sony has often refused to work with anyone on cross-platform play because of concerns for its userbase’s younger age group.

However, as Minecraft is likely one of the most kid-friendly games in the world, it would seem that Mojang isn’t buying that excuse and wants Sony to make an exception for them. Minecraft is available on essentially every platform from mobile devices (if you can count an iPad as “mobile”) to Playstation to Xbox to PC to Nintendo Switch.

Multiplatform games like these stand to benefit the most from cross-platform play. If a cross-platform Minecraft version was made available on the Playstation, Sony could stand to benefit a great deal from it. However, Mojang’s Better Together Update, which is supposed to enable cross platform play for Android, Windows 10, and Xbox One, doesn’t include the Playstation 4 yet.

Mojang has said that if Playstation did allow cross platform play, that children would be safer than Sony apparently thinks they would. the Minecraft Better Together update works on Xbox Live account rules, meaning that parents can set parental controls. The setup also allows for chat filters, in-game reporting, and live moderation.

With all of this stuff in mind, cross-platform Minecraft that also extends to the Playstation 4 would be able to make kids as safe as they could probably be online. And since Minecraft is a game that’s played a great deal by children, parents would likely be very welcoming of something that can keep their kids from getting in trouble, or seeing things that they shouldn’t at their age.

Minecraft’s Better Together update is going to be launching sometime later this fall, so if you’ve been waiting for cross-platform Minecraft, you’ll be able to play with anyone on any console.

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