Modern Warfare Season 4 Starts Tonight At 11 PM, Pacific Time

Modern Warfare season 4 will be starting tonight at 11 PM Pacific Time, according to a new announcement from Infinity Ward.

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for the next Modern Warfare multiplayer season to finally start, you’re in luck. Just hours after it was originally leaked, Infinity Ward announced that Modern Warfare Season 4 starts tonight, specifically at 11 PM, Pacific Time, so you won’t have much longer to wait to get into it.

The fourth season of the game’s multiplayer will likely include a content update the same way that its other seasons have gone, likely adding in new weapon, new operators, and new multiplayer maps. This time around we’ll have another old friend joining us in the form of Captain Price.

Infinity Ward is, however, keeping the majority of the season’s content under wraps. While we can make assumptions on the guns, cosmetics, Battle Pass, maps, and more for this season, we’ll have to wait for all of them to be officially revealed when Modern Warfare Season 4 actually starts.

Along with not revealing the content we’ll be seeing, Infinity Ward also hasn’t told us how big the file size will be. And considering that the update is going to be coming out very late at night depending on your time zone, you likely won’t be able to play it right off the bat.

Leaks, however, have at least been guessing at what the file size will be. Playstation 4 players can expect a 34.7 gigabyte download, while Xbox One players get a 48.9 gig download and PC gets 49.7 gigs to download. Whatever way you slice it, it’s a pretty big update.

While you might not be able to play Modern Warfare Season 4 right off the bat, it’s good to know that the new season is finally here. Hopefully along with Captain Price as an operator, the new season will have a lot more content to show off to players. Once again, the update will come at 11 PM Pacific Time.

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