Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Mode Guide

Learn how to become the ultimate prestige master and how to prestige fast in this detailed Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Mode guide

Prestige Mode isn’t anything new in the Call of Duty series, as it has existed since the ground-breaking Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Though the idea remains the same, Prestige Mode has a few enhancements in Modern Warfare 3. Due to that, we have made this Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Mode guide to explain all the new changes.

Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Mode

For those who don’t know – or actually need to be reminded, Prestige Mode is basically an unlock that is available once you have gained the maximum rank in the game. By selecting this mode, your entire stats, i.e. unlocked weapons, challenges, classes and rank, are reset. A prestige emblem will replace the rank emblem, showing you are playing on the Prestige Mode.

You can do this up to ten times for ten prestige levels. Each MW3 prestige stage has its own unique emblem. So why choose to use this mode when it resets all the hard-earned unlocks and advancements? Well, because it unlocks something called the Prestige Token, which you can use in the Prestige Shop.

You will possibly also get another Create-A-Class slot as well by playing in the Prestige Mode. There will be other bonuses and buffs in the game later on as the perk of playing in Prestige Mode which includes permanently unlocking a weapon.

You can enable the Prestige Mode after you get to rank 80. Then you can go the Prestige shop to enable other perks as well which uses your prestige tokens. You will be able to unlock additional prestige challenges for all the primary and secondary weapons at prestiging.

You will be able to get a brand new experience from the already completed games and also some new content and weapons as well, so it is a recommended mode if you have completed the game. Keep in mind that one needs 1,746,200 XP to be able to prestige.

Prestige Shop

The Prestige Shop is a special type of a shop, trading your Prestige Tokens for a reward. Each time you gain a prestige (max 10 times), you unlock a Prestige Token, which can be spent to buy a special reward.

The following is the complete list of rewards:
1. Extra Custom Class
Get an additional custom class in the Create-A-Class menu (up to 5 extra classes for a total of 10 max).

2. Double XP
Earn double the amount of XP as usual for every two in-game hours.

3. Double weapon XP
Earn double XP for your weapons for every two in-game hours.

4. Regular Package
Earn the call-sign “Far Superior” and the 10th Prestige Emblem if you have an extra token lying around.

5. Unlock Gear
Allow one piece of gear from your Prestige 1 to stay unlocked for the rest of the Prestiges.

6. Hardened Package
Call-sign title “Super Boeing” and emblem of Prestige 10 in Modern Warfare 2. This reward is unlocked at Prestige 5.

7. Veteran Package
Unlock call-signs and emblem for hardcore CoD players.

8. Reset All Stats
Reset all stats at Prestige 10 and start everything from scratch. Unlocked at Prestige 10.

Acquire Additional Tokens
A maximum of four tokens can be obtained from older Call of Duty titles that you played the prestige mode in. You will earn one prestige token per game on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

You can also acquire a Prestige Token by reaching clan level 50 in Call of Duty Elite.

How To Prestige Fast

You can read our Modern Warfare 3 Rank Up Fast and Map Strategy Guide to prestige quickly.

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