Modern Warfare 2 Safe Codes List

While CoD Modern Warfare 2 (2022) might be a linear shooter, there is certainly some exploration involved in the missions which can lead to some nice rewards. Throughout Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, players will stumble across 3 locked safes that require codes to open.

While the clues to unlocking these safes are nearby but if you can’t figure out how to unlock them, allow us to present you with the safe codes list for all 3 in CoD Modern Warfare II.

Modern Warfare 2 safe locations and codes

There are a total of three safes for you to unlock in Modern Warfare 2. The first can be found during the El Sin Nombre campaigning mission. The other two are located in the Alone mission.

El Sin Nombre Safe

  • Location: Diego’s Room
  • Mission: El Sin Nombre
  • Safe Code: 02-02-19

The safe is located in Diego’s Room. To reach the safe, you must kill the guards silently using throwing knives. Reach the Barbeque area to obtain the blades and then move leftward to jump across the balcony to enter Diego’s house.

Take the stairs and kill the guard standing in a room that contains a pool table. Move through the hall toward the elevator, and open the door of the room opposite the elevator.

Move toward the cupboard in the room and open it to find the safe. Use the code: 02-02-19 to open the safe. You will obtain plate carrier armor and a silenced version of the Lockwood 300 shotgun.

Alone Safe #1

  • Location: The Coffee Shop
  • Mission: Alone
  • Safe Code: 10-10-80

A coffee shop is the first place you must enter to find the safe during the Alone mission. You need to find the house with the green door and enter it through the window.

Deactivate the traps right before the door and get equipped with the shotgun. Take the upstairs, move toward the end of the hallway, and unlock the door in front of you.

Move until you reach the coffee shop, and then open the door with a sign of no entry. You will find the safe and enter the code 10-10-80 to open it up.

You can see this code from a clue on the calendar in the office. The reward for opening this safe includes a .50 GS Pistol and Throwing Knife.

Alone Safe #2

  • Location: The Workshop
  • Mission: Alone
  • Safe Code: 37-60-80

After obtaining the items from the Coffee shop, take the stairs downward. Leave the shop using the door next to the bar.

Ensure that you are not seen and move toward the blue-colored door. The door will be next to a while parked car.

Enter through the door, and the safe will be visible. Also, you could also see a microwave right next to the safe. Now enter the code 37-60-80 to get your hands on the items.

You can find this code by checking the computer there if you want. You will discover rewards like Throwing knives and crossbows inside this safe.

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