Mobile Gaming Revenues To Go Up by 50% by 2018

Mobile gaming market will increase by 50 percent by 2018 and make up about 39% of entire gaming industry!

We know that the mobile gaming market is on the rise, but what are the figures going to be? A study performed by OutSoft shares interesting insights regarding the state of affairs by 2018.

The global mobile gaming market has nearly approached a $30Bn mark in 2015. Industry experts forecast impressive growth to continue through 2018, with the mobile market growing by over 50%, to more than $45Bn by 2018.

Some graphical representations also show the increase in the mobile gaming revenue over the years from 2015 too 2018. We have added the graph below which shows an approximately stable five billion increment on a year-on-year basis.

The study also reveals that the market will experience a 33 percent increment in the number of mobile devices being used all over the globe. Currently there are three billion tablets and smartphones combined which will go up to four billion by 2018. See the graphical representation below.

Comparing mobile gaming market with the total market of videogames, currently mobile games make up for $30.1 billion out of a total $91.5 billion which is about 33 percent of the total market. By 2018 this will goo up to 39 percent as mobile games would have reached $44.2 billion as compared to a total of $113.3 billion.

The study claims that “after 2018 it will only be a matter of a short wait until gaming on smartphones and tablet screens comprises half of the entire gaming industry.”

That sounds quite promising for Nintendo and Activision because they just bought King!


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