MLB The Show 21 Tips and Tricks

In this guide for MLB The Show 21 Tips, we will cover topics like how to get diamond players, extra XP, stubs, and more on the first day of the release. This guide will prove useful to the players that are new to the game and old-school players.

MLB The Show 21 Hitting Tips

The new edition of MLB The Show is here now with some slight changes to Diamond Dynasty for the next-gen consoles.

Do Not Waste Stubs On Packs!
The first and foremost tip that I have for you is to not waste your in-game currency (Stubs) on the Packs. However, if you have enough supply of Stubs laying around and don’t know what to spend them on, use them to only buy the Regular Packs.

Complete Collections For XP
Do not hesitate to complete collections as it always accumulates to gain in XP. Make sure you get your hands on the Diamond Equipment packs that give a large amount of XP.

Keep High Rated Cards
If you manage to get your hands on the Top Diamonds in the first few days, do not sell them for any number of Stubs. Wait for at least two to three weeks for prices to increase and sell them at that point.

However, 85+ Overall diamonds can be sold for 30-40k Stubs in the first week for easy profit.

Hitting Technique
First of all, go to Gameplay settings and change your Hitting View to any one of the three Strike Zone views for a better view of the bat. The second thing to do is to always hit using the Normal Swing instead of Contact or Power Swing.

The Contact and Power swings change the size of the Aimer and are pretty useless for hitting shots. The easiest way to hit a home run easily in MLB The Show 21 is to line up the PCI dots perfectly in the direction of the ball for a powerful swing.

Make sure you hit the ball using the top dot of the PCI for a home run and the bottom diamonds for heavy ground hits. If you only want to make a hit and run play, use the Contact Swing (Circle button on PS, B button on Xbox).