MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Mode Pushing Players Towards Microtransactions

The MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty mode might be pushing players towards microtransactions due to its easier leveling system.

One big problem that every yearly sports game has been facing over the past few years is the seemingly inescapable influence of microtransactions. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s latest game MLB The Show 21 is facing this as well, as the MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty mode is getting pushed harder on players.

Diamond Dynasty mode is another option in the “Road To The Show” mode that is one of the series’ most-played modes. However, unlike in the normal Road to the Show mode, where you have to grind your players to get their stats up, Diamond Dynasty does it faster…as long as you pay.

Diamond Dynasty is similar to the Ultimate Team mode already used in EA Sports’s FIFA games, where players can obtain cards that will help them build their own titular dynasty of players. There are a number of different ways that the mode is pushing players to it over the normal Road to the Show mode as well.

To start with, progression is faster in the MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty mode. Whereas you have to make 20 hits in Road To The Show in order to get your player up 20 progression points, in Diamond Dynasty, it only takes eight hits. You also only need 30 strikeouts to level up a player to the “Filthy” loadout in Diamond Dynasty, while in Road to the Show, you need 80.

Along with all of this, Road to the Show has had its custom difficulty sliders disabled. If you want to level up your characters in that mode, you have to do it the normal way, which means you can’t put the sliders down to the easiest difficulty to blitz through games.

There are no difficulty sliders at all in the MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty mode, but its lowered requirements to level up players also definitely helps them to level up their players faster, to say nothing of the microtransactions that are in it.

Sony has tried to make it clear that Diamond Dynasty is only optional, but so far it seems that if you want to make a good team, Diamond Dynasty is the best way to do it. You can currently play MLB The Show 21 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5.

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