Mixer Introduces Hypezone, A Channel Dedicated To PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Broadcasting On Xbox One

Mixer will also be supporting PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One, bringing a new type of broadcasting, named Hypezone

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has just been released on Xbox One and opinions differ as to how it holds up on the console. However, Microsoft is counting on the game to get more dedicated players to the console. Mixer will also be supporting PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One, bringing a new type of broadcasting, named Hypezone, specially created for the popular battle royale title.

Hypezone is a PUBG featured channel on Mixer that switches between broadcasters that are closer to the most wanted chicken dinner. The channel will continue showing a specific match until the players wins or dies. After the outcome, the channel automatically switches to another broadcaster, giving everyone their chance to shine.

Matt Matt Salsamendi, one of the co-founders of Mixer and engineering lead on the platform at Microsoft, announced Hypezone on Mixer’s blog stating:

Hopefully, you’re all just as eager for PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) arriving today as a console launch exclusive as we are! The quest for a chicken dinner has a new home on Xbox One, so get ready to grab your controller, prep your parachute and ready that frying pan. We know the competition will be fierce and can’t wait to see new PUBG Mixer streams, plus it’s never been easier to broadcast gameplay on your Xbox One: just start a game, navigate to ‘Broadcast & Capture’ tab, and press ‘Broadcast’.

There are even some specifics about this service which can also be found under the Hypezone channel on Mixer. Even if the current broadcast may be dull or boring, the broadcast will remain live unless viewers vote to skip it. Then it moves on to the next broadcaster that is placed within the top 10 in their game.

As a broadcaster, if you want to not be included on Hypezone you can add [NHZ] to your channel’s title and you will not be hosted.

What do you think about Hypezone? Will you be using it to watch some chicken dinners or broadcast your own?

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