Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in Third Person Looks Weird, Have a Look Anyway

We know that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a first person perspective game from ELectronic Arts, but there always are fans who wish to play their games in third person. Being able to see your character perform stuff is always exciting for some of us.

With that in mind, a fan went to great lengths to show us how the latest entry in the Mirror’s Edge series looks in third person perspective. Sadly, it is not as sleek as you would expect.

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If you must go on and wish to see Faith doing her parkour moves, you can check out the video above that features our protagonist not only dashing around at full speed (which looks pretty slow here for some reason) as well as taking on a number of enemies with her hurls.

In the later parts of the video we are shown a zoomed out view of our character as she sprints through the streets, buildings and even rooftops to get to her destination. Well at least this gives us a much better view of the city itself.

We have been covering news of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in detail in the past and the most recent developments have been about Nvidia GeForce 368.39 Drivers which have been released with optimizations for the game.

On the downside, we have picked up word that the vicious DRM employed in the game might cause problems for a number of players who are trying to upgrade their rigs more than four times after installing the game, here’s how.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst released on June 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC.

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