Mirror’s Edge Catalyst DRM by EA Limited Hardware Upgrades to Four

If you are planning on buying Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as well as upgrading your rig’s hardware simultaneously, please don’t. The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst DRM, put in place by Electronic Arts, is a thing full of surprises.

We have picked up word that if you upgrade/change your system components more than four times, it will be counted as four different activations of the game and your copy of the game will become useless and you will have to buy it again.

It gets worse, when you have installed the game that will be counted as the first activation and if you figure you need a better GPU to run the game well, installing it would be registered as a second activation.

If by any chance you decide to change two other things, like the CPU or the board, it will render the copy of the game useless; a message will pop up saying:

We’re sorry an error has occurred. Too many computers have accessed this account’s version of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst recently. Please try again later.

Now we know that the intentions of Electronic Arts here are good, they are trying to prevent piracy and hacking but come on, how many people are you going to piss off if every slight change is going to be recognized by the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst DRM as a new computer?

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Have you encountered any problems with the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst DRM? Let us know in the comments section below.

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