Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Open World Demanded a Redesigned Runner Vision

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is getting a complete rework on the runner vision, due to it's open-world map.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is going full open-world, thanks to the power of new gen-consoles and PC. Users will be able to navigate the map using amazing parkour maneuvers to climb buildings freely.

Previously, it was all about going from point A to B but due to Mirror’s Edge open-world, the entire design had to be changed, including Faith’s Runner Vision.

Speaking about the game, game design director Erik Odeldahl said:

We had to redesign Runner Vision completely. We still wanted to keep that ‘follow the red objects to get to your objective’ [guidance], but since we can’t really know now which objective the player wants to go to, we let them place a waypoint on our 3D map. Runner Vision now works kind of like a GPS, in that it continuously recalculates a path for you from where you’re standing at the time to where you want to get to. And that obviously took quite some work, and we’re still refining it now.

Mirror’s Edge is certainly pushing the limits of what can be done is a game like this. It’s hard to believe DICE, the same studio behind Battlefield, created Mirror’s Edge which is such a different game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is coming out in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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