Serial Killer Miranda Barbour Had Affinity to Dark Souls, What?

The news of a 19 year old serial killer, Miranda Barbour has taken the world by shock recently. She admitted to have killed enough number of people to make her one of the most prolific serial killers of US. It couldn’t get any worse when a report by Fox News linked her murder spree with action RPG, Dark Souls.

Is it the media’s love for linking games with criminal minds?

Barbour was charged with only one murder when later on she confessed to have been on a killing spree since she was 13. She says that she has dumped the bodies of people across Alaska in Anchorage, Nome, Palmer, Big Lake and Wasilla. Later she moved to North Carolina and was joined in the atrocity by her newly-wed husband. That is when she got caught.

The alleged number of murders that she could have committed can be estimated by the statement that she gave to the police:

“When I hit 22, I stopped counting. But it’s less than 100.”

Astonishingly, Fox News has reported that Barbour could have gotten her inspiration from the insanely difficult game, Dark Souls, saying that she enjoyed playing the game by From Software.


People who have played the game must know that the lead character kills to survive and power up. Could it be that Miranda Barbour was really impressed by the game’s theory? The media has always been up for tagging games with criminals, are they at it again?

As far as I can see it, a game is a game, how can a person who is willing to kill dozens of people not be inspired by anything other than a mere game?

Barbour has also claimed that she has been part of a Satanic Cult, and that the cult leader made her kill the first person and that she couldn’t stop there on. Is it that news agencies like Fox News really think that being a fan of Dark Souls is more probable a reason for the murders?

Moreover, she also stated that activities like rape, child sex, drugs and in-house abortions were a norm at the cult she was a member of – she got pregnant and was tied to a bed for the abortion while she was intoxicated. Is all this really a lesser reason for making someone a monstrous serial killer than being a fan of Dark Souls?

I rest my case on that.

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