How To Play Minecraft Legends Multiplayer

Minecraft Legends' multiplayer option does let you do the in-game activities with your friends. You have to activate the multiplayer ...

Playing through Minecraft, building impressive structures, and making complicated contraptions, can be fun and fulfilling. But you can knock it up a notch if you do it all with your friends. Minecraft Legends’ multiplayer option does let you do the in-game activities with your friends. You have to activate the multiplayer in Minecraft Legends, and you are good to go.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer options

The game offers you both Co-Op and PvP multiplayer options. Below you will find details about both options.

How to activate Co-Op multiplayer

If you want to start a fresh game, press New Game from the menu, and from here, press the Tab key on your PC or select the Friends button.

This takes you to your friend list, where you can see all your friends. From here, you can invite your friends who you want to join your session. At any given time, you only have the option to invite 3 friends. You cannot invite more than 3, and 4 players can play the campaign together in Minecraft Legends.

After you have invited your friends and they have joined your session, you can start the campaign. If you want to join someone else’s session, follow a different path. How you join the session depends on how the session’s setting.

First, if the session is invite-only, you cannot join the session without an invite from the host. These sessions are perfect for friend groups who plan to play together. Otherwise, you can head to the Friends tab after selecting Campaign, and here you can see all the open Minecraft Legends multiplayer sessions available to you.

All open hosted sessions are viable options; pick one with space and click the Join Game button. This will take you to the open session, and you can play in the session as long as the host is active.

How to activate PvP multiplayer

To enter PvP mode, click the Versus Mode instead of Campaign Mode. Again, you are taken to your Friends tab, and from here, you can invite your friends in Minecraft Legends into your PvP session.

For a PvP session, you can invite 7 players. In total, 8 players can play in PvP mode. They are divided into teams of 4, fighting one another. The entire goal of the PvP match is to destroy the opposing team’s Well of Fate. The team that destroys the opponent’s Well of Fate first wins the match.

Who can you invite to Minecraft Legends

It’s not set in stone that all of your friends own the game on the same platform. Fortunately, Minecraft Legends supports full crossplay. Players on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Switch can all play together without any issue.

For this, players need to make and connect their Microsoft accounts to the game on their platform. After this, you need to add your friends to your Microsoft account. You can invite your friends from here for co-op or PvP sessions in Minecraft Legends.

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