Minecraft Dungeons The Nameless One Boss Guide

Far into your adventures in Minecraft Dungeons, you will face a boss called The Nameless One. Found at the Desert...

Far into your adventures in Minecraft Dungeons, you will face a boss called The Nameless One. Found at the Desert Temple, defeating the Minecraft Dungeons Nameless One boss is an essential step in order to progress further in the game.

In our Nameless One boss fight guide we will arm you with all the strats and tricks you can use to take down this skeleton-spawning monstrosity.

Minecraft Dungeons The Nameless One Boss

Well, to make it simple you just need to know that the boss has essentially three attacks that he will be using in the fight.

These attacks are throwing fireballs at you, spawning skeletons and also creating many fake versions of himself and they will all surround you and attack, making you vulnerable.

Keep yourself ready as all these attacks will be coming at you nonstop during the fight and you might feel overwhelmed, and you may be tempted to give up very early without even getting the grip of what’s going on.

The trick here is when the Nameless One boss is going to start charging his staff in order to attack, he will be standing still.

This is your time to get some of his health by getting close to him and using string melee attacks on The Nameless One boss as much as you can.

This will benefit you as you will get some of his health down and also you will be closer to the newly spawned skeletons and can get rid of them quickly.

Now in order to regenerate your abilities while staying close to the boss, you should run in circles around the Nameless one as it will keep you dodging from the projectiles and you will have some time to regenerate.

Another benefit of running around is that if you get the right distance you will be able to manage to get the skeletons to collide with the boss himself and this will do some bonus damage to the boss for you.

Now the next attack is where the Nameless One will create many versions of himself and they will surround you and will start throwing fireballs at you.

This is after the skeleton wave so as the process mentioned above, do that to get your health to the full.

You will get the warning of this attack when the boss teleports so, now is your chance to roll to any side in order to dodge the coming attacks.

But keep in mind that it is very difficult to time this dodge right so having the maximum health will help you as long as you get used to timing the dodge move.

After this attack, the boss will again get back to the initial stage of charging the staff and the process will start all over again.

Now it is in your hands to chip away as much health with melee attacks as you can and get through Nameless One’s attacks.