Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Swamp Secrets and Chests Locations

In this guide, we will give you all the Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Swamp Secrets and Chests Locations. These chests contain valuable loot so it’s worth taking the time out to find these during your dungeon crawls.

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Swamp Secrets and Chests Locations

Note: The chest locations are pseudo-randomized and so you may encounter them in different locations; for convenience, we have listed some in case you have the same placement.

We found a total of six chests in Soggy Swamp and they are scattered all over the map however during your run, you might encounter more or fewer chests.

The best thing to do is to explore every corner of the Soggy Swamp map to uncover all the chests. Who knows, you might even end up finding the entrance to the Soggy Caves secret level.

Following are the locations of the chests in Soggy Swamp:

Chest 1
In order to find this chest, you will go to the location shown in the map and you will find it close to the right side of the map.

Chest 2
The second chest is present in the southern part of the map. You will have to cross a lot of bridges and take out several enemies to get here.

Chest 3
You will move back and then head left to find another chest close by, although this chest looks more like a wooden box.

Chest 4
This chest is to the north now. You can see the location from the map.

Chest 5
You have to head out in the open for this one. It’s not hard to locate, as you can see from the map.

Chest 6
Continue moving north for this one. You will find it after taking out a lot of enemies. This one is out in the open as well.

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