Minecraft Dungeons Easter Eggs

For this Minecraft Dungeons Easter Eggs, we will be discussing the three secrets you can find in your camp. The camp is essentially your base, and you gain access to it after the first mission is completed.

Minecraft Dungeons Easter Eggs

Prior to pursuing all of these secrets found within the game, make sure you have beaten Minecraft Dungeons; otherwise, you won’t be able to access any of these in the first place.

The Nether Portal
The first secret in the camp can be found in the North-Western area, once you’ve beaten the game. You will find pads that were not previously there.

Use the pads only to find a deactivated Nether Portal.

For now, the portal doesn’t do much; but it’s just a quick reminiscent of the Nether dimension, where the fortresses stand tall, and the Ghasts can be heard screeching unsettling voices.

Maybe, we’ll see some Nether themed areas in the future.


Secret Chest
Head to where the Nether Portal was once again, and to the left, behind the portal, you will be able to find a chest which will reward you with, you guessed it, emeralds; along with a piece of powerful gear.

It’s pretty straightforward really, just make sure to time the roll correctly while attempting to scale the mountain, and that’s about it.

The Cow Level and The Church
This secret can be found in the Southern part of your camp. Before, we move on though, make sure to lower the drawbridge found South of the Nether Portal we previously mentioned.

This will give you a shortcut to the new area, making your commute much shorter.

Past the drawbridge is an eerie church, that has art representing all of the developers of the game. Click the button under the 10 runes, and this will unlock a secret.

Keep an eye out for buttons that open the cobblestone doors, and inside each hidden room, you will find a rune.

Collect them all and you will be able to click another button back in the church to open another secret door.

You will now have a map along with two chests. Using the map, you are going to find yourself fighting off a bunch of Mushroom Cows, which are actually harder than they may seem.

Once you reach the end, you are going to have to fight off the Mushroom Monstrosity. After killing the Monstrosity off, you will have completed the Cow Level.

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