Minecraft Dungeons Items Guide

In this Minecraft Dungeons Items guide, we will list all the categories and specific items present for the players to loot and use

In Minecraft Dungeons, there are different types of items present for the players to use during their adventures in different levels. The items are distributed in different categories depending upon their purpose.

In this MC Dungeons Items guide, we will list all the categories and specific items present for the players to loot and use.

Minecraft Dungeons Items

In MC Dungeons, items are divided into three categories

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Artifacts

Weapons are used to attack the monsters. Armors are used to increase defensive stats while Artifacts include different usable items for different stat boosts etc.

Weapons List
The following table contains all the weapons currently present in Minecraft Dungeons.

Weapon Weapon Type
Axe Axe
Cursed Axe Axe
Double Axe Axe
Firebrand Unique Axe
Highland Axe Unique Axe
Whirlwind Unique Axe
Daggers Daggers
Moon Daggers Daggers
Fangs of Frost Unique Daggers
Fighter’s Bindings Unique Gauntlets
Gauntlets Gauntlets
Maulers Unique Gauntlets
Soul Fists Unique Gauntlets
Glaive Glaive
Venom Glaive Unique Glaive
Hammer of Gravity Unique Glaive
Flail Unique Mace
Mace Mace
Sun’s Grace Unique Mace
Pickaxe Pickaxe
Diamond Pickaxe Unique Pickaxe
Frost Scythe Unique Scythe
Soul Scythe Scythe
Sickles Sickle
Nightmare’s Bite Unique Sickle
The Last Laugh Unique Sickle
Fortune Spear Spear
Jailor’s Scythe Spear
Spear Spear
Whispering Spear Unique
Bonebow Bow
Bow Bow
Butterfly Crossbow Bow
Elite Power Bow Bow
Feral Soul Bow Bow
Guardian Bow Bow
Red Snake Bow
The Green Menace Bow
The Pink Scoundrel Bow
Claymore Sword
Dark Katana Sword
Diamond Sword Sword
Sword Sword

Armor List
The following table contains all the different armors present in Minecraft Dungeons. We have also prepared a list of the best armors in the game.

Armor Armor Rarity
Champion’s Armor Common
Evocation Robe Common
Grim Armor Common
Hunter’s Armor Common
Mystery Armor Common
Plate Armor Common
Scale Mail Common
Spelunker’s Armor Common
Thief Armor Common
Archer’s Armor Unique
Fox Armor Unique
Highland Armor Unique
Wither Armor Unique
Wolf Armor Rare
Souldancer Robe Rare

Artifact List
The following table contains all the different artifacts present in Minecraft Dungeons. You can also check out a detailed list of artifacts and their uses.

Artifact Artifact Rarity
Corrupt Beacon Common
Lightning Rod Common
Death Cap Mushrooms Common
Fishing Rod Common
Fireworks Arrow Common
Flaming Quiver Common
Soul Common
Wind horn Rare
Boots of Swiftness Rare
Light Feather Rare
Tasty Bone Rare
Totem of Regeneration Unique
Totem of Shielding Unique
Totem of Soul Protection Unique

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