Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons Guide

  In this Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons guide, we have given an out-and-out detail of everything you need to know...


In this Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons guide, we have given an out-and-out detail of everything you need to know about the best weapons in the game. Survival against Arch-Illager’s forces isn’t easy so you are going to need all the weapons you can get in MC Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons

Along with regular weapons that are already available to you as you embark on the compelling storyline of MC Dungeons, there are some very powerful Unique Weapons which are much harder to get.

How to get Unique Weapons
To get your hands on these unique weapons, you either have to face the big bosses in Minecraft Dungeons and beat them, or pray that the golden chests you collect around levels contain them.

Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on the weapon drops from regular mobs which rarely happens.

Best Melee Weapons

Grave Bane
Damage: 62-92
Perks: Longer melee reach, Extra damage to Undead

Equipped with a free Smiting Enchantment, this weapon is extremely useful in dealing with common zombies and skeletons.

Damage: 105-186
Perks: Powerful Pushback, Leeches health from mobs

Apart from an impressive damage stat, the Heartstealer can really boost up your HP. With an in-built leeching enchantment, this weapon allows you to heal yourself for a portion of damage you deal to the enemies you defeat.

Diamond Sword
Damage: 14-22
Perk: Deals Extra Damage

This weapon comes with a Sharpness Enchantment which allows you to deal extra damage to your enemies.

Dark Katana
Damage: 121-178
Perk: Extra damage to Undead

Dark Katana is another melee weapon with a breathtaking damage stat. This weapon is especially important because you are bound to face a lot of undead foes during your journey in Dungeons and it has a perk which deals extra damage to them.

Frost Scythe
Damage: 78
Perks: Slows mobs, +2 Soul Gathering

With this melee weapon, you can slow down mobs of enemies, making it easier for you to eliminate them.

When paired with the Frost Bite Armor, you can really turn the tables on your enemies. With this deadly combo, you are able to collect a great number of souls that allow you to use Artifacts more often.

Best Ranged

Elite Power Bow
Damage: 107-213
Perks: Strong Charged Attacks, Greater Damage

If you’re looking to deal heavy blows of damage, then it’s best that you go with this weapon. With an ability of pretty decent long range damage, you can knock down multiple enemies in a row if you know when to open fire.

Red Snake
Damage: 65-194
Perks: Strong Charged Attacks, Chance for arrows to explode

Though the Strong Charged Attacks perk has the significance of its own, what separates Red Snake from other ranged weapons as it’s other perk which makes arrows to explode randomly and can take out an entire mob with a single explosion!

Hunter’s Promise
Damage: 54-135
Perks: Pets attack targeted mobs, Chance to regain arrows

Running out of Arrows? Don’t worry. With Hunter’s Promise, you get some of your arrows back while being able to unleash a pet attack on mobs.

Guadian’s Bow
Damage: 85-256
Perks: Strong Charged Attacks, Super Charged Arrows

With the Strong and Super Charged Attacks, dismantle your opponents through devastatingly powerful attacks.

Damage: 15-29
Perk: Hits multiple targets

By damaging multiple targets at a time, Trickbow makes it easier to eliminate your foes easily with a powerful melee weapon.

Equipping it with the Growing Enchantment can result in an interesting combo which you can use to deal damage from long range.

Damage: 15-37
Perk: Arrows grow in size

Bonebow is another decent choice with a build-in Growing Enchantment to deal some good damage at long range.

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