Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments Guide

In Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll come across a variety of weapons and armors on your looting adventures. While most of them are just the usual RPG stuff, some weapons are special in that they have enchantments attached to them that give you buffs of different kinds. In this Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments Guide you’ll come to know about all the various Enchantments available.

You can either find enchanted weapons during your dungeon crawls or enchant gear you already have.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

There are enchantments for each Armor, Melee, and Ranged weapons.

Listed below are all the various enchantments along with their respective tier progressions – I, II and III, and categorized according to the weapon type they work with.

Melee Enchantments

Anima Conduit
A percentage of health is restored each time you absorb a soul.

I –   +1% health gained
II – +2% health gained
III – +3% health gained


Grants a 30% chance of chaining a holding a mob together for a short while.

I –   1 second duration
II – 2 second duration
III – 3 second duration

Allows you to deal increased damage on injured enemies.

I –   0-50% bonus damage
II –  0-75% bonus damage
III – 0-100% bonus damage

Critical Hit
Increases the chance of landing a critical hit. Critical hits deal three times the usual damage.

I –   10% chance to trigger
II –  15% chance to trigger
III – 20% chance to trigger

Allows you to do attack combos by following up one attack immediately with another. Has a cooldown once used.

I –   5 seconds cooldown
II –  4 seconds cooldown
III – 3 seconds cooldown

Enigma Resonator
Gives a chance to deal a critical hit, depending on the number of souls you have.

I –   0-15% chance to trigger
II –  0-20% chance to trigger
III – 0-25% chance to trigger

Mobs explode when defeated dealing a decent damage, a percentage of their health.

I –  20% enemy health dealt as damage
II –  40% enemy health dealt as damage
III – 60% enemy health dealt as damage

Fire Aspect
Lets you set mobs on fire for three seconds, dealing damage over time.

I –  14 damage per second
II –  17 damage per second
III – 20 damage per second

Freezes mobs, slowing them down for three seconds.

I –   20% reduced speed
II –  30% reduced speed
III –  40% reduced speed

Allows crowd control by pulling nearby enemies towards the impact point of the weapon for a short moment.

I –  1.0 second duration
II –  1.5 second duration
III – 2.0 second duration

Allows you to leech a percentage of the mob’s max health when defeated.

I –   +4% health of mob’s max health
II –  +6% health of mob’s max health
III – +8% health of mob’s max health

Multiplies the chance of defeated mobs dropping lootable items.

I –   100% chance
II –  200% chance
III – 300% chance

Poison Cloud
Gives a 30% of summoning a poison cloud for 5 seconds that deals damage to enemies overtime.

I –   9 damage per second
II –  18 damage per second
III – 26 damage per second

Multiplies the chance of finding Emeralds on fallen enemies.

I –   100% chance
II –  200% chance
III – 300% chance

Grants 20% chance of creating an area that heals an amount of health for all the allies within the area.

I –   +20 health
II –  +30 health
III – +40 health

Gives a chance of having increased attack for a short while after a mob is defeated.

I –    5 seconds duration
II –  10 seconds duration
III – 15 seconds duration

Causes your weapon to deal more damage by making it sharper.

The final attack in a combo launches a shockwave to damage enemies nearby.

I –   22 damage dealt
II –  47 damage dealt
III – 62 damage dealt

Grants increased damage against the undead.

I –  +20% damage dealt
II –  +30% damage dealt
III – +40% damage dealt

Soul Siphon
Killing enemies has a 10% chance of granting a bunch of extra souls.

I –   3 souls
II –  6 souls
III – 9 souls

Grants a minor percentage chance to temporarily stun enemies.

I –   5% chance to trigger
II –  10% chance to trigger
III – 15% chance to trigger

The final attack in a combo becomes a swirling attack, that deals immense damage to enemies.

I –   52 damage dealt
II –  77 damage dealt
III – 103 damage dealt

Grants 30% chance of summoning a lightning strike to damage nearby enemies.

I –   9 damage dealt
II –  18 damage dealt
III – 27 damage dealt

Allows your attacks to decrease the attack damage of all nearby enemies for five seconds.

I –   20% reduced damage
II –  30% reduced damage
III – 40% reduced damage,

Armor Enchantments

You deal increased ranged and melee damage while the HP is full.

I –  +20% ranged and melee damage
II –  +30% ranged and melee damage
III – +40% ranged and melee damage

Health Synergy
Makes you restores health by a small percentage each time you activate an artifact.

I –  3% health regained
II –  4% health regained
III – 5% health regained

Fire Trail
A fire trail is left when you roll which keeps burning for 4 seconds causing damage to any that come in contact.

I –  9 fire damage
II –  I7 fire damage
III – 26 fire damage

Grants a small chance to deflect incoming shots.

I –  20% chance to trigger
II –  40% chance to trigger
III – 60% chance to trigger

You regain a small amount of health for every I0 blocks explored.

I –  0.3% health regained
II –  0.7% health regained
III – 1.0% health regained

Speed Synergy
Movement speed increases by II0% for a short while each time you activate an artifact.

I –  1 second duration
II –  2 seconds duration
III – 3 seconds duration

Surprise Gift
Using a healing potion has a chance of creating a consumable item.

I –  50% chance to trigger
II –  100% chance to trigger
III – 150% chance to trigger

Damage is dealt to every enemy that deals damage on you.

I –  100% damage returned
II –  150% damage returned
III – 200% damage returned

Puts burn damage on enemies in melee range every 0.5 seconds.

I –  2 damage
II –  4 damage
III – 6 damage

Cool Down
Reduces artifact use cooldown time by a significant percentage.

I –  10% reduced cooldown
II –  19% reduced cooldown
III – 27% reduced cooldown

Rolling makes you move faster for three seconds.

I –  +30% movement speed
II –  +40% movement speed
III – +50% movement speed

A snowball is shot at enemies nearby every 5 seconds or less to slow them down.

I –  5 second trigger time
II –  3 second trigger time
III – 1 second trigger time

Potion Barrier
Gives you -90% damage for a short duration when you consume a healing potion.

I –   5 seconds duration
II –  7 seconds duration
III – 9 seconds duration


Attack speed increases by a percentage after each shot.

I –   +8% per shot
II –  +10% per shot
III – +12% per shot

Bonus Shot
Gives an additional bonus shot to a nearby enemy for every shot fired. The bonus shot has less damage.

I –   10% damage per shot
II –  17% damage per shot
III – 24% damage per shot

Chain Reaction
Gives a chance of trigger a chain of shots from a shot at an enemy.

I –   10% chance to trigger
II –  20% chance to trigger
III – 30% chance to trigger

Fuse Shot
After every few shots, you get an explosive shot that burst a second after impact causing area damage.

I –   Every 5th shot
II –  Every 4th shot
III – Every 3rd shot

Enemies are pulled in towards the impact point of the shot fired. The effect last for a moment.

I –   1.0 second duration
II –  1.5 second duration
III – 2.0 second duration

An increased damage is done to the enemies at a distance.

I –   25% of max damage
II –  50% of max damage
III – 75% of max damage

Grants a chance to immediately replenish an arrow after shooting.

I –   16% chance to trigger
II –  23% chance to trigger
III – 48% chance to trigger

Increases the chance of defeated mobs dropping lootable items.

I –   +100% chance
II –  +200% chance
III – +300% chance

Grants a chance of firing multiple arrows at once.

I –   20% change to trigger
II –  30% change to trigger
III – 40% change to trigger

Every few arrows gain the effect of piercing mobs to damage multiple mobs in a shot.

I –   Every 3rd arrow
II –  Every 2nd arrow
III – Every arrow

Poison Cloud
Shots fired have 30% chance to summon a poison cloud that deals damage over time.

I –   11 damage per second
II –  22 damage per second
III – 33 damage per second

Arrows have a significantly increased damage.

I –   +10% damage
II –  +21% damage
III – +33% damage

Boosts arrow pushback.

I –   +200% pushback
II –  +300% pushback
III – +400% pushback

Radiance Shot
Grants 20% chance of creating an area that heals all allies by a certain amount that are within it.

I –   +21 health
II –  +31 health
III – +42 health

Rapid Fire
Improves attack speed.

I –   +10% attack speed
II –  +15% attack speed
III – +20% attack speed

Grants a chance for the arrows to ricochet off mobs and damage multiple targets.

I –   20% chance to trigger
II –  40% chance to trigger
III – 60% chance to trigger

Charged shots will deal more damage and have greater pushback.

I –   +20% damage
II –  +30% damage
III – +40% damage

Tempo Theft
Allows you to steal the enemy’s movement speed and use it for a short 4 second.

I –   I7% speed stolen
II –  33% speed stolen
III – 50% speed stolen

Shots deal additional damage to enchanted enemies.

I –   +50% bonus damage
II –  +75% bonus damage
III – +100% bonus damage

Wild Rage
Your shots have chance of sending the target into rage making them hostile to all others.

I –   20% chance to trigger
II –  30% chance to trigger
III – 40% chance to trigger

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