Minecraft Dungeons Best Builds Guide

There is no traditional class system but we have still prepared these Minecraft Dungeons builds to help you choose the best for your style

In Minecraft Dungeons, there is no proper class system, letting players pick and choose different and unique weapons to make their own Minecraft Dungeons Builds to their heart’s desire. This Minecraft Dungeons Best Builds guide we will list different item builds that you can use to mow down all the monster hordes you will face in your playthrough.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Builds

While at low difficulties, it might seem as if any weapon can make quick work of the enemies in Minecraft Dungeons. However, when you reach high difficulty missions or are repeating missions for better loot, you need specialized builds.

Below we have compiled some Minecraft Dungeons builds to help your dungeon running adventure. Having a unique weapon at your disposal can ensure your enemies don’t stand a chance.

Barbarian Build: High DPS
The high DPS Gauntlet build requires specific enchantments to work. If you get your hands on the enchantments, you will be dealing very high damage to the enemies. This build consists of the following.

  • Melee weapon: Gauntlets/Pickaxes
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Weakening, and Critical Hit
  • Ranged weapon: Any Scatter Crossbow.
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Multishot, Bonus Fire, and Fuse Bolt
  • Armor: Evocation Robe
  • Armor enchantments: Cool Down x2, and Protection
  • Artifacts: Firework Arrows, Wind Horn, and Death Cap Mushroom

This build will allow you to use Death Cap mushroom again and again without cooldown because of the Evocation robe’s cooldown ability and enchantments.

Warlock: Soul Mage Build
The Soul mage build uses soul items in the build which allows you to harvest souls from the enemies. This build aims to keep your health as high as possible and also provides high defensive stats so that you do not take much damage.

  • Melee weapon: Soul Knife
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Leeching, Echo, and Weakening
  • Ranged weapon: Soul Crossbow
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Multishot, Infinity, and Piercing
  • Armor: Soul Robe
  • Armor enchantments: Health Synergy, Fire Trail, and Potion Barrier
  • Artifacts: Death Cap Mushroom, Corrupted Beacon or Lightning Rod, and Soul Healer

Ranger: Firework Build
The firework ranger build aims to reduce cooldowns and buff the artifacts used in the build. The firework arrows artefact provides explosive arrows to your ranger and deals damage to big group of enemies.

  • Melee weapon: Great Hammer, Axe or Claymore.
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Chains, Committed, and Freezing
  • Ranged weapon: Scatter Crossbow or unique ranged weapon with Multiple projectiles.
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Multishot, Fuse Bolt, and Accelerate/Rapid Fire
  • Armor: Hunter’s Armor/Evocation Robe
  • Armor enchantments: Cool Down, Snowball, and Swiftfooted
  • Artifacts: Firework Arrows, Shock Powder, and Death Cap Mushroom

Spellcaster: Soul Reaper Build
This inclusion among our Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds is more prevalent in the early game. You can create this build easily as many items in it are easily obtainable.

This build revolves around collecting souls of enemies and dealing high AOE damage. Soul robe and Soul Knife double your soul collection rate.

  • Melee weapon: Soul Knife/ Frost Scythe
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Leeching, Echo, and Weakening
  • Ranged weapon: Feral Soul Crossbow/ Bow with Soul gathering
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Multishot, Infinity, and Piercing
  • Armor: Soul Robe/ Grim Armor
  • Armor enchantments: Harvester, Soul Healer, Torment Quiver

Paladin Build
The paladin is a tough defender Minecraft Dungeons build. Its main purpose is to support the other players on the frontline while tanking mobs and vanquishing the undead.

  • Melee weapon: Great Hammer/ Claymores
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Fire Aspect, Unchanting, Smiting
  • Ranged weapon: Crossbow
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Smiting, Unchanting
  • Armor: Mercenary/ Reinforced armor
  • Armor enchantments: Burning, Wind Horn, Totem of Shielding and Regeneration
  • Artifacts: Wind Horn, Iron Hide Amulet

Healer Build
A healer is an integral part of the team. It provides support to the team like paladin. Its job is to make sure health of others doesn’t fall down to critical level.

  • Melee weapon: Pickaxes/ Glaives
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Radiance
  • Ranged weapon: Crossbow
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Radiance Shot
  • Armor: Wolf Armor
  • Armor enchantments: Surprise Gift, Cool Down, Food Reserves
  • Artifacts: Totem of Regeneration, Totem of Shielding, Shock Powder, Soul Healer

Rogue Build
Our Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide couldn’t be complete without a Rogue which is for when you want to be all sneaky, backstabbing enemies for those massive critical hit procs.

  • Melee weapon: Dagger/ Sickles
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Swiftfooted, Echo
  • Ranged weapon: Crossbow (multi arrow)
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Radiance Shot, Wild Rage
  • Armor: Thief Armor
  • Armor enchantments: Looting, Prospector
  • Artifacts: Boots of Swiftness, Wind Horn, Shock Powder, Death Cap

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