Mike Ybarra “Remembers” Ryse: Son of Rome, Could This Be A Teaser?

Ryse: Son of Rome is one of those games that have made an impact in players’ hearts even though it didn’t manage to make a huge name for itself. Fans of the game still hope that a sequel might be released at some point and there might be a chance to it. At least Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra “remembers it”, that must mean something right?

Today, corporate vice president of Microsoft, Mike Ybarra tweeted a picture of a statue of Marius, the protagonist of Ryse: Son of Rome followed by the line “I remember him”. Could this be a tease of something related to the game or was this purely a homage to it?

Crytek and Microsoft haven’t revealed the existence of a Ryse: Son of Rome sequel, however, rumors about it are lingering for quite some time. Could Ybarra’s tweet be a water test to see how fans feel about a potential sequel? We should go expecting and guessing since Twitter is a huge place and rumors rise and fall almost every minute.

Many believe that the tweet could also be a tease for a new version of Ryse: Son of Rome enhanced for Xbox One X. Either this or that really is nothing and simply the good guy Mike has gotten nostalgic and wanted to share his sorrows with us.

For what it’s worth, it would be a shame for the Ryse: Son of Rome universe to stop where it did because it could become so much more. Fans believe that Marius needs a second chance to win our hearts and it’s true that as far as main characters go, this one was an iconic one.

Would you want a sequel of Ryse: Son of Rome to be released? What’re your thoughts on Mike Ybarra’s post, could this be a tease for something related to the title?

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