Miitomo Details Reveal how Social Nintendo Want us to Be

Nintendo have revealed their vision of social apps. The Miitomo details show a lack of gaming, and more of a focus on Mii interaction.

Earlier today we reported that pre-registration for My Nintendo has started. Now we have some more Miitomo details, revealing what to expect from the first Nintendo app.

Nintendo have revealed the Miitomo details, so that gamers can know what to expect from the app. Launching in March Nintendo have revealed that they want to “spark conversations” with friends in a new way.

Users will be able to create their Mii characters who will act as their “social go-between”. As usual for this avatar style system, users will be able to customise the facial features as well as the voice and personality. The user will also be able to take a picture using their phone camera to convert into a Mii, or import their character from Wii U or Nintendo 3DS using a QR code.

“Once their Mii is ready, users can add friends in person, or through their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts. After that step is complete, it’s time to answer some questions. Miitomo creates conversations and turns discussions into a form of play by prompting users to answer all kinds of questions. Did you know that your best friend’s favourite food is pizza? Maybe, but did you know her favourite music genre is secretly polka? And that she believes in aliens? The answers get shared among friends, sparking interesting conversations – part of the fun is discovering surprising facts about your friends that you never knew before. When users hear how their friends responded to questions, they can give it a heart or a comment, either through text or with a picture.”

So as you can see from the Miitomo details, this is more of a social app rather than one specifically made for games. It will be interesting to see how it takes off.

Will you be downloading the Miitomo app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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