Mighty No. 9 Release Date is May 31, According to Best Buy

Mighty No. 9, despite being a mighty reboot attempt, is turning into a mighty disappointment – at least in terms of promises made and broken. The developers have had to delay the game a number of times for a variety of reasons but could we be seeing the game released on May 31, 2016? Well, Best Buy thinks so!

The retailing giant has listed the game for release on the last day of May. Even more interesting is the fact that they didn’t just put up that date on the game’s page but also emailed all of the preorderers telling them that the new date for pick ups was May 31, 2016.

Look a little deeper and you will also see that the last day of May is a Tuesday, and it is customary to release most of the video games in the North American region on that day. This further strengthens the speculation that we might be looking at a legit release date.

Mighty No. 9 Release Date

On the flipside, May is generally regarded as the last month of Spring, and 31 would be the last day of Spring i.e. the release window that the developers have provided for Mighty No. 9. It could also be the case that Best Buy is just being safe here by giving the customers as late of a release date as they could since they have already started promoting that people could get their copy on February 9, the old release date.

Don’t fret too much though, the delay has nothing to do with how the game looks or feels, there are some matchmaking issues. The game itself is turning out pretty nice as you can see in this gameplay footage.

Here’s hoping Mighty No. 9 doesn’t get another delay now.

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