Marvel’s Midnight Suns Elemental Rods Locations Guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns have its fair share of side quests for additional rewards. Once you meet with Agatha Harkness, you will be...

Marvel’s Midnight Suns have its fair share of side quests for additional rewards. Once you meet with Agatha Harkness, you will be tasked to find all of the Moon Seals to destroy the magical barriers on Abbey’s Grounds.

To find the second Moon Seal, you must find four Elemental Rods to place into Agatha’s Altar. Some of the rods are pretty easy to find and you will come across them through exploration. The others, though, required a bit of guidance.

Finding the elemental rods is necessary for you to call on Atum. For that purpose, you will require the second Word of Power, which you will get by completing the side quest as you interact with the Blood gate. 

The following guide will assist you in finding the locations of every Elemental Rod in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Where to find every Elemental Rod in Midnight Suns

Air Rod

You need to reach the whispering hills toward the right side of Agatha’s Altar to get the Air Rod. Take the stairs going down and turn left. Keep moving on the trail. The rod will be in front of you.

Water Rod

This rod is an easy catch. You just need to reach the pool near the training yard, and you will find the Water Rod right next to the pool below the bridge area.

Fire Rod

The Fire Rod is located in the exact location from where you gathered the Water Rod. You need to move straight from the bridge towards the Chapel. Upon entering, turn right and move to the end of the hallway, and then turn left to find the rod next to multiple candles.

Earth Rod

Reach the Hunter’s Folly and take the straight path. You will see a giant door, and you can only open the door using the “Open” word of power. Go inside the room to collect the last elemental rod to complete your search.

How to place the Elemental Rods

After collecting all the rods, head back to Agatha’s Altar. You need to place the rods in the plinths in a specific Elemental Rods order. To do that you need to start by placing Water Rod first then Air, Earth, and Fire Rod in the end.

As you go near the first alter a message will pop up which will indicate that you have to “Place Item”, which in this case will be the elemental rod.

You will have to carry this same procedure for the rest of the three alters to get them all activated. As you place the last rod, you will gain My Dear Agatha achievement and access to the second trial by Elder Gods.

This becomes possible due to the Moon Seal you get after placing the rods on Agatha’s Altar. To get the second Word of Power, it will require you to venture towards the east side of the Abbey grounds. There you will come across a door known as the Blood Gate.

You must interact with the door at night. This will instigate a trail for you that you can complete, and it will result in you getting the second Word of Power. 

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