Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Errors, Crashes, Tweaks and Fixes

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been released to masses with a bang. It’s not that most of us weren’t planning to play it already on PC, but impressive reviews by most of the sites must have added more people to the list.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Errors

If you are below minimum requirements in any regard, the game most probably isn’t going to work at your end. That being said, the game is huge, which also means chances that the game will have more problems than usual, especially around the launch are high.

However, for your assistance, we have this list of most common issues being faced by the game with workarounds to fix them. You can check them out below!

#1 Shadow of Mordor DirectX 11 Error
Shadow of Mordor has high needs when it comes to hardware so if you are experiencing this error, it’s most probably that your current GPU does not support DirectX 11. You might have installed it on your PC but the hardware might be unable to utilize it.

The only way to fix it is that you purchase a better GPU with DirectX 11 support. Furthermore, if you are on a laptop, make sure that you are running the game using dedicated graphics memory.

#2 Shadow of Mordor Working SLI Profile for Nvidia Users
Sometimes, it’s hard to get the maximum out of both your GPUs using SLI. If Shadow of Mordor is having the same problem, you can give Far Cry 3 profile a go which some users have reported to be working fine.

#3 Shadow of Mordor – How to Fix Crash to Desktop on Startup
If you are experiencing crash to desktop just after starting up the game, you can try a few things to fix it:

First, navigate to C:\Users\username\Documents\ and try deleting the Shadow of Mordor folder having your configuration and settings files.

Why you ask? Well, it’s a sort of a hard reset and when you relaunch the game, new files and folder will be created and hopefully the game will run fine.

If that doesn’t work or you can’t find a Shadow of Mordor folder or files at that location, you can try our next workaround.

For that, you need to create three text files in the folder: game.ini, render.cfg and settings.cfg. After the files have been created, paste the following commands as such:


“Render.Setting.AmbientOcclusionQuality” “0.000000”
“Render.Setting.AspectRatioLock” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.AutoDetectedGPURating” “4.000000”
“Render.Setting.AutoDetectionVersion” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.DepthofFieldToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.FrameRateLimit” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.LightingQuality” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.MeshQuality” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.MotionBlurQuality” “0.000000”
“Render.Setting.OITToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.ShadowQuality” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.TessellationToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.TextureFiltering” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.TextureQuality” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.VegetationQuality” “4.000000”


[Game] Build=Build 1636


“DeviceAdapter” “0.000000”
“DeviceOutput” “0.000000”
“ScreenHeight” “1080.000000”
“ScreenWidth” “1920.000000”
“UIHeight” “0.000000”
“UIWidth” “0.000000”
“VSyncOnFlip” “0.000000”
“Windowed” “0.000000”

#3 Shadow of Mordor Download Stuck Due to Some Reason
If you are downloading the package, and it gets stuck or gives you an error, just pause the download and restart it after a few moments.

#4 Shadow of Mordor Disk Write Error Fix
If you are getting a disk write error during your installation, you should consult this troubleshooting thread to fix your problem.

#5 Shadow of Mordor Low Performance Fix
I am sure that many of you would have hoped to run the game at maxed out settings, but since it’s a resource-intensive game, you might have to tone down a few settings.

If you are getting poor FPS, first thing you can try is disable Vsync. You can also try lowering other graphics settings like Shadow Quality, etc to make it run better.

#6 Shadow of Mordor Crashes on Changing Video Settings
The probable cause for this crash is that you have two GPUs and the game is detecting the integrated GPU rather than the dedicated one mostly in case of laptops.

In that situation, you need to manually select your dedicated GPU from the control panel of your card to make it work.

#7 Shadow of Mordor – How to Install HD Textures
If you are having trouble in using HD textures for Shadow of Mordor, you can look into this link to make it work.

#8 Shadow of Mordor Mouse Movement Fix
Some user have reported that their mouse movements won’t work normally. If you are also experiencing such behavior, try to uncap FPS limit you might have placed, or it might be there by default.

#9 Shadow of Mordor No Sound During Cinematics
A lot of users have reported this issue and if you are also experiencing it, try out the following:

  • First, try verifying the integrity of your game files as you might be missing some.
  • Changing language via Steam has solved the issue for some.
  • You can also try changing the surround sound setting from control panel to stereo.

#10 Shadow of Mordor MSVCP100.dll is Missing Fix
That error is associated with “Microsoft visual C++ 2010 x64 redistrabutable”. Even if it’s installed, it might be corrupted so you need to re-install it after deleting the old one.

#11 Shadow of Mordor Black Screen Fix
If you have chosen a resolution in-game not supported by your screen, you will get a black screen once you launch the game again. To fix it, you can delete the config files found in Shadow of Mordor folder, which can be found at C:\Users\username\Documents\.

#12 Shadow of Mordor – How to Skip Intro Videos
If you don’t want to see intro videos every time you launch the game, there is a way make them go away. Go to ShadowOfMordor\game\interface\videos\ and than delete the entire Legal Folder.

#13 Shadow of Mordor – Nothing Happens on Clicking Play
Usually, if there is an error, it becomes relatively simple to find out the issue but if nothing happens, it can be a real pain for normal users. Unfortunately, Shadow of Mordor is having this issue. So in an attempt to resolve it, try out the following:

You should try adding the config files manually as mentioned in #3.

If that doesn’t work, make sure that your hard drive has sufficient free space as sometimes if the necessary space isn’t there, the game won’t run and some updates that download after booting up the game might not download.

#14 Shadow of Mordor Application Load Error on Startup
If you are sure that you have a DirectX 11 compatible hardware, then you should first try restarting Steam. If you have F-Secure installed, you need to add Shadow of Mordor in the exclusion list or maybe disable it if that’s not an issue with you.

If you come across any other issue, comment and we will try to help you out!