Microsoft’s UK PR Team Finds a Way Around Battlefront’s PS4 Marketing Deal

Ever since Star Wars Battlefront was announced, PlayStation 4 has been the leading platform during events, gameplay demos and in many marketing campaigns.

The world knew that Battlefront is coming to PC and Xbox One as well, but Sony’s marketing deal chocked any buzz or hype surrounding the game’s release on these two platforms.

While there isn’t any company to speak for PC in such matters (lord knows it doesn’t need it), Xbox One has Microsoft; and Microsoft doesn’t just sit back and watch things happen.

Microsoft’s UK PR team found a very clever way to advertise Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox One. Via an ad in a newspaper, the company cleverly implied that the game is now available on Xbox One.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Sadly for Microsoft, such tactics won’t do them any good as the damage is already done. According to a new report, PlayStation 4 has more players online then PC and Xbox One combined. The marketing deal has done its job, in addition to PS4 having a larger install base compared to Xbox One.

A clever attempt, but it’s not going to help now.

Which platform you choose to play Star Wars Battlefront?

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