Microsoft Studios Talks ReCore Story, Gameplay, and More

ReCore is a soon to be born love child of Metroid Prime and Mega Man. The game is coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One in September. Announced last year at E3, the game takes players to a dystopian planet.

According to details shared by Joseph Staten, humanity is asleep and left robots in charge to make this planet habitable for humans. However, our lead character wakes up to find that Robots have taken over.

I guess the memo that said don’t leave robots in charge while you sleep for 200 years didn’t reach humans. It is now up to Joule Adams to save humanity from a robot uprising.

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Adams will have a companion by her side, either a dog or a spider known as core bot.

These core bots will help you fight againts rogue core bots that are trying to wipe out humanity. Gameplay of ReCore is a mashup of Mega Man and Metroid Prime and keeps that classic feel intact.


It is a 2D exprience enjoyed in 3D that is an action platformer at heart. Keiji Inafune has partnered with the guys who developed Metroid Prime.

ReCore will release on September 13 for Xbox One and Windows 10. It will be available as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere Program which allows you to cross buy games for both platforms.

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