Dev Wants Recore To Be As Successful As Halo, But They Will Have To Earn It

ReCore lead writer Joseph Staten , he wants ReCore the be a mega franchise like Halo, but they will have to earn the right to a sequel.

Game franchises like Forza, Halo or Gears Of War take time to establish themselves as the best game experience there is. ReCore is a new IP which looks very promising, and its developer wants it to be a mega franchise like Halo. However, the devs believe that the game will have to earn that success.

Speaking with Windows Central, ReCore lead writer Joseph Staten, who also worked on the original Halo, discussed about his experience with Halo and what the game must do to succeed.

According to Joseph, he wants ReCore the be a mega franchise like Halo, but they will have to earn that success.

Well, when we made Halo 1 at Bungie we didn’t know we were going to get to do a sequel. We wanted to get the best game possible onto the disc, and then hope people enjoyed it. We earned a sequel. Every game in the global publishing portfolio – whether it’s ReCore, or Crackdown or Scalebound – we have aspirations and hopes that they can go on and grow into ‘big boy’ franchises like Gears, Forza or Halo. But you have to earn that success. You have to build an audience.

He further added that the team is putting as much effort as they would to a Halo game, and are trying to put as much quality in ReCore as possible. He said the team is doing its best to a earn a sequel for the game.

We’ve approached ReCore in the same way that we approached the Halo games: let’s put as much quality in there as we can, let’s attract as broad of an audience as possible, and let’s do our best to earn a sequel. If we do? That’s awesome. We certainly have ideas on where we want to take the story, but you never really know. But I think ReCore is a pretty special game, I love the way it plays, I hope people enjoy it.

While we are certain that ReCore has some solid gameplay, but it remains to be seen that how its narrative will be.

ReCore is an action adventure game in development at Armature Studio and is scheduled to release on September 13, 2016 for PC and Xbox One.

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