Microsoft Speaks About Xbox and Windows Under One Ecosystem

Windows and Xbox are under one ecosystem now and Microsoft has shared how they feel about this move.

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft made efforts to bring Xbox and Windows together. The new Xbox App on Windows 10 and newly released NXOE for Xbox One was a big step towards bringing these two platforms under one ecosystem.

Of course, cross-platform play is being promoted as well via games like Fable Legends. Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood during the USB Global Tech Conference, spoke about Microsoft’s move to make Xbox and Windows one.

Xbox is financially relevant to Microsoft. People should not be confused about the journey of improvement we have been on in the past two years in the Xbox business. I think about the importance of gaming.

I would actually literally, very specifically talk about the importance of gaming to us; you’ve seen the investments we’ve made; you’ve seen us talk about gaming and its importance across all form factors for us, be it the PC, be it a phone, be it the console itself. I think we’ve done a very good job of taking something that sort of sat outside the Windows ecosystem and made it part of the Windows ecosystem. So that gaming value accrues back to the ecosystem and to the developers who work there.

As a gamer, I think the biggest benefit of this is cross-platform gaming. I would like to see more and more games use Xbox and Windows PC cross-platform play.

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