Microsoft Report Shows 55 Million Active Xbox Live Users, 2nd Fiscal Q

It may seem odd talking about the 2nd quarter keeping in mind it is still January but things work differently in the United States. The second quarter of the fiscal year ended on December 31 and we have some numbers shown in the Microsoft report. Although we are only going to cover the main points you can still check out the highlights of the Microsoft report below.

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As Microsoft is a public company it is supposed to report sales and revenues for the companies stakeholders. Here is what we found interesting about the Microsoft report.

Microsoft Report

According to the Microsoft report income from console sales decreased by 3 percent. This was because prices for consoles were reduced and a smaller number of consoles were sold as compared to the previous quarter.

Though the Xbox One is the only console that has seen an increase in sales in the US that does not result in an increase in revenue for the company as compared to the previous quarter.

Microsoft report states revenue from software and services has increased by 15%. Xbox users have spent more than $1 billion in transactions. This number is for Xbox One users. This is most probably due to Christmas and Black Friday sales but this is a huge number when it comes to digital sales.

Microsoft Report

Furthermore, the Microsoft report also tells us that there are 55 million active Xbox Live users.

This is an increase of 15% which is a record number for Microsoft. These are some important numbers, not only for stakeholders but the gaming community as well. Not to mention people that buy Microsoft products such as the Xbox One. We will soon see what the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio has to offer in terms of performance.

Let us know what you think about these numbers taken from the Microsoft report?

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