Microsoft May Unify Xbox Game Pass And Xbox Live Gold After E3 2018

Microsoft’s two big services on the Xbox One right now, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold might be merged into a single one, according to rumors. The company is committed to their plans of making both services bigger and better, so such unification makes sense and might cause the Xbox One to get a big boost in subscriptions.

The news comes from Generacion Xbox, which reported that some new job openings at Microsoft may hint towards a unification of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. Specifically, two of these offers request candidates to enhance the marketing area of Xbox Game Pass and secondly to Xbox Live Gold.

Based on these openings, it is deduced that it is the Xbox Game Pass team that may absorb the candidate to indirectly help Xbox Live Gold.

Both services, have their own subscriber base, each one taking advantage of what they deem more important on the console.

Xbox Live Gold is the service a player must subscribe to if they want to be able to play online. Apart from that though, the subscriber gets a few games for free each month through Xbox Games With Gold and exclusive deals and discounts in the store.

Xbox Game Pass, on the other hand, offers subscribers a must more laid down and casual experience. For as fas as you subscribe, you get access to a library of more than 100 titles ranging from indie games to huge exclusive franchises like Gears of War.

Having those two under one roof not only makes it easier for users to monitor their payments but they also get the best of both worlds in one price (which will be higher if that happens).

The same source reveals that Microsoft has news to share with fans at this year’s E3 2018 regarding Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold so cross fingers and let’s hope that this rumor actually gets confirmed.

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