Microsoft – Halo 4 Leak is Speculation At Best

It seems the last week’s mega Halo 4 Leak was just the creative imagination of the forum poster at Bungie; probably a fan of the franchise.

As far as the authenticity of the information in that leak is concerned, Microsoft has denied any details communicated with media regarding Halo 4 apart from the teaser trailer revealed during their E3 press conference.

Responding to SegmentNext, Microsoft’s Dominic Carey, had this to say:

The only Halo 4 detail shared with media is the teaser trailer that was shown at the E3 Microsoft press conference. Nothing further detail on Halo 4 has been communicated with media. The forum post you refer to is speculative at best.

So, there you have it, you still don’t know anything about Halo 4 apart from what you can infer from Halo 4 Teaser. That could easily be called speculation…at best.

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