Microsoft Wants First-Party AAA Games On Xbox Series X “Every Other Month,” Says Insider

Microsoft has often stated that a larger next-generation focus will be on delivering quality first-party content on Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has often stated that a larger next-generation focus will be on delivering quality first-party content on Xbox Series X. The strategy of the console manufacturer though is allegedly more ambitious than what people assume.

While taking part in a discussion on Beyond3D about the all-digital console (Project Lockhart) of Xbox Series X, known Microsoft insider Eastmen claimed that the company wants to become the Netflix of gaming in the near future. To realize that goal, Microsoft will be acquiring more studios down the road to secure a ton of quality content for Xbox Series X.

According to the insider, Microsoft wants Xbox Game Studios to release a new triple-a game “every other month” in order to sustain the user-base. The internal Microsoft division already has over a dozen studios, more than half of which were acquired in the past two years. Microsoft is now said to be going after at least five more acquisitions, including the Warner Bros. game division.

MS wants be what Netflix was 6 or 7 years ago when it comes to streaming and they don’t want anyone to be able to snatch it away. I’ve said before that Nintendo is their main competition here. No one has more well known gaming ip than Nintendo. However Nintendo can never get its head out of its ass when it comes to virtual console and online. Sony has more content than MS in terms of games but sony doesn’t really have the technology and would be years behind MS building it out. So now MS is about acquiring a lot of quality content for their platform.

I was told that a goal is to have an xbox studio game out every other month by the time the ball really gets rolling. Not A or AA games but AAA games every other month so that people don’t stop subscribing.

Provided that the source is legitimate, nearly two dozen first-party studios would certainly deliver a large lineup of first-party games on Xbox Series X. However, expecting a new first-party triple-a offering in every quarter for example, will still be severely challenging. Even Sony, which has branded several stellar franchises over the years, would not be able to meet that quota on PlayStation 5. The only takeaway from here should be that Microsoft will definitely be bringing the heat with Xbox Series X. Coming in from the current generation, Microsoft has a lot to prove and redeem in the next generation.

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