Microsoft Has Apparently Removed 400 Xbox One UWP Apps From The Search Results, Why?

Xbox One UWP were very helpful for those searching for alternative methods to use their console. A lot of necessities have been covered thanks to these apps, but Microsoft has apparently removed 400 of them from the searching result of Xbox One.

Until 2/3 days ago, you only had to type “app” and “UWP” to find Xbox One UWP Apps, but it’s not so easy now since they went from 470 apps to 73.

What happened then? Well, since these apps haven’t been deleted – you’re still able to download them – the only reason they are disappearing is because Microsoft is probably draining results.

Of course we are not sure of this theory 100%. The “disappearing issue” have been happening since yesterday, so still little time has passed to draw conclusions.

Anyhow, we suggest you to wait a few days and see how thing go.

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There aren’t many Xbox One exclusive to play right now, but Microsoft is working to bring AAA PC games to the console one day. It has been announced by Phil Spencer on his official Twitter:

@Nick_Doran I do think UWP will bring apps and games to XB1, see things like Fallout Shelter, Tablo app etc. Need to work towards AAA games

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) February 21, 2017

We’ll probably see this happening after the launch of Project Scorpio.

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