Microsoft Accusing Video Game Journalists For Xbox One’s Bad Reception

Gaming Media is a bunch of fools who are usually giving out wrong information to people intentionally. These journalists are mostly old crackpots with no reliable information on gaming whatsoever!

Now, I don’t think it’s true but people at Microsoft certainly do, considering the fact how every big website out there think of Microsoft’s policies and its recent Xbox One unveiling as a whole.

A single thing whole gaming media tries to aim on is providing relevant information to people, communicating with them, create a better interaction between gamers and developers, and last but certainly not the least, clearing any doubt that come up in your mind regarding anything by citing official sources.

When Microsoft’s press conference ended, a whole pack of gaming journalists eagerly joined to have a word with Microsoft only to find out that their worst nightmares regarding used games and 24/7 internet connection are somewhat close to reality.

We, at Segmentnext were able to get our hands on the recent blog post made by Larry Hyrb AKA Major Nelson – who according to Microsoft is the only reliable source for information – regarding used games which says:

“The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox. Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games. Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete. We will disclose more information in the near future.”

And that’s pretty much it! WOW! That’s something. Isn’t it?

Accuse the gaming media all you want but at least provide some reliable information yourself. Look at Microsoft’s official spokesperson yourself! Not mentioning anything about used games, 24/7 online connection to internet, Kinect 2.0 serving as ‘Visual DRM’, etc. Just babbling about gaming media providing in-accurate information about gaming.

It is kind of funny to see Microsoft claiming all these pieces of information as false and incomplete when its own Vice President is saying this:

“You can take your game around to your friend’s house just as you would today — that’s assuming you have a physical disc — and what we’re doing with the new Live technology is that… with the disc, it’s just a repository for “the bits”. You can put that disc into his drive, you can play the game while you’re there, and then you go home and take that disc with you. But actually, “the bits” are still on his drive. If your friend decides that he really likes to play that game, then he can go buy it instantly, and it doesn’t need to download again. It’s already there. Once he’s paid for it, it’s immediately there.”

You can see it for yourself! There is nothing here that can be wrongly perceived. You give your friend a particular game to play in physical form and get home to play it on your own Xbox One. The regular 24 authorization checks will kick start and your friend won’t be able to play the game anymore unless he buys the license for himself.

There is more to it! Gamespot even investigated how much purchasing the license could cost you. And it turned out to be $52 according to the retailers who have spoken to Microsoft about it.

Polygon interviewed Microsoft’s lead hardware program manager about Kinect 2.0 working as ‘Always Listening’ on Xbox One and here’s what he said:

“You know, it’s always available to the system, so … you can count, as an application developer or a game developer, [that] everyone’s going to have a Kinect. You always have that stream available… [Kinect will] “be just listening enough to know that, ‘Hey, I heard something interesting. Somebody’s probably trying to wake me up.’ It sends it to the console for confirmation, and then it can really power up to that high-power state.”

There we have it! It’s NOT gaming media who is spreading false rumors about Microsoft as they claim it to be! It’s their own employees. Video Game journalists are just telling the world what they hear from those officials.

Instead of blaming gaming media for the fan rage, Microsoft should try to be honest with the customers for once and clarify policies regarding Xbox One to help the millions of gamers across the globe should take the decision of what console they are going to buy in future!

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