Michael Pachter Predicts PS4 Pro Price Cut on Black Friday Which is Obvious

Renowed Video game analyst, Michael Pachter estimates a price drop for the PS4 Pro on Black Friday. Yet another job well done by Captain Obvious.

Now while I don’t mean to throw too much shade here, it’s just plainly a lie for any gamer to say that Michael Pachter’s predictions are actually intuitive. Anyone with a basic grasp of the game and console differences along with business behavior can second guess things that this guy professionally estimates. I mean a price drop on Friday for the PS4 Pro?? Gee! Who could’ve seen that coming? A bit of backing evidence that he did give regarding the prediction was by looking at what Sony has been doing in Japan itself. Specifically, their 5000 Yen discount that was applied to consoles. Although that’s just Michael Pachter’s most recent take on the PS4 Pro.

This isn’t even his first prediction on the PS4 Pro. And although the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle for the PS4 Pro is also sort of a discount on the game itself since it comes free with the console.

Pachter still adds that there will be a further discount on the consoles to match the Japanese market prices for them. So the basis of a professional’s predictions on the gaming market is essentially just that Black Friday is coming up, as well as how the PS4 price in its home country has lowered. Intuition or common sense?

Pachter has successfully made predictions in the past as well. Although what exactly were they? And whether they even needed intuition to see. Like his guess that Red Dead Redemption 2 would not be ported onto the Nintendo Switch. Is that really even a prediction? I mean knowing the specs and how the game itself looks, Redemption 2 couldn’t run on the portable, slightly lowered powered console.

Plus considering Rockstar hasn’t ported any past games to the Switch, and that the community for the Switch isn’t as big as the other two consoles and PC. Of course we shouldn’t expect Pachter to relay good news for PC players, based on how he sees them.

His other two predictions, regarding the PS5 staying under the $500 mark and next-gen consoles not having disk drives are actual intuitive guesses. Which we’ll have to wait and see happen. The latter being another parallel that consoles have to the PC. Which deals in all of its gaming digitally. As for prices, under $500 may be a bold claim to make, considering the PlayStation 4 Pro is already at the $400 mark.

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