Metroid: Other M Accel Charges and E-Recovery Tanks Locations Guide

In our Metroid: Other M Accel Charges and E-Recovery Tanks Locations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding these collectibles.

In Metroid: Other M, you should keep an eye out for E-Pickup Items like the Accel Charge and Energy Recovery Tanks. Accel Charges can be useful as they decrease the time to charge a Beam and the Power Bomb and so can E-Recovery Tanks in restoring energy. You can refer to the guide below which explains where to find Accel Charges and Energy Recovery Tanks.

Metroid: Other M Accel Charges and E-Recovery Tanks

Accel Charge #1Sector 1
Head to the area south of the monstrous trees and enter the restroom. Accel Charge is placed in one of the stalls.

Accel Charge #2Sector 3
When you are about to leave the room, you will see three circles on the floor. One of them is the path towards the Accel Charge.

You will find a morph ball launcher behind one of them. Enter it and you will ultimately head toward the charge located in the room.

Accel Charge #3Sector 2
Once you have defeated the wooden villain in the snowy area, a spot on the map will appear on the upper level. Use your first-person view to destroy the icy structure to have your Accel Charge.

Accel Charge #4Main Sector
There is a large room with Zoomer infestation. Destroy the locked portion containing the charge. You can use your beam to do that.


Accel Charge #5Sector 3
There is a hidden room in the thermal power plant where you fought with Ridley near the Missile Tank. Use the grapple point to reach it and have the charge.

Accel Charge #6Sector 3
Over the massive lava pool – northwestern region, there is a glass tube. To the east of it is a room, you need to destroy it to get the charge.

E-Recovery Tanks Locations

E-Recovery Tanks allow you to recover an additional Energy Tank on using concentration to recover energy.

E-Recovery Tank #1Sector 2
From the water tank, head north. You need to get through a wall to get to the tank. To break the wall, run an appropriate long distance before reaching the barrier.

E-Recovery Tank #2Sector 2
In the gravity area, you need to space jump into the passage shaped like an L that heads west to get to the tank at the corner. You will be requiring your gravity suit here.

E-Recovery Tank #3Sector 1
Near the Biosphere portion and the exam center, you need to locate a room having a Power Bomb door. Open it to have the tank. Beware of the soldier inside it.

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