Metroid Dread Kraid Boss Guide

Battling against any video game boss is hard and it is no different in Metroid Dread. The gruesome and macabre...

Battling against any video game boss is hard and it is no different in Metroid Dread. The gruesome and macabre world introduces the player to a chained abomination known as Kraid. We will let you know what strategies should you be aware of when going head to head against the Kraid boss in Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread Kraid Boss

Despite being Metroid Dread’s second boss fight, don’t undermine the strength and cunning of Kraid.

Kraid’s movement may be restricted throughout the fight but its move set will surely surprise you. Mastering the movement can take a bit of practice and observation but what else. Prepare for the fight by collecting as many Missile tanks and Energy tanks as you can.

The larger the number of missiles, the harder you are going to hit. At the same time, pay heed to your health bar. Attempt to dodge and preserve your health as much as you can.

Why? so in times of sacrifice, you can allow yourself to be in harm’s way to get that perfect shot.

The boss fight against Kraid is divided into phases with each section demanding different strategies from you. That is why we suggest you test the fight out first before heading into it so you can understand who you are up against.

What should you expect in the first phase? Firstly, you initiate the fight by launching a barrage of attacks onto Kraid’s maw.

The creature may retaliate by throwing organic spherical projectiles at you. You can destroy the majority of these balls with your cannon or you could dodge away from them. Also, be aware of claws being shot at you. By timing your jump well, you can easily avoid them.

The second stage will start with Kraid freeing its arm after much struggle. It destroys the platform Samus is standing on causing her to flourish in the air before landing elegantly on the ground.

If you are perceptive enough, the cinematic gives you a glimpse of the Kraid’s weakness. A pink orifice on its belly is your next target. As you shoot at it, the creature releases a purple mass of grotesque projectiles at you.

They can be dodged fairly easily until the creature surprises you by launching these claw-like ledges your way. These are designed to stick into the walls behind Samus if they miss and you can climb them within a time limit.

Climbing them successfully will bring Samus to the creature’s eye level thus allowing her to deliver fatal blows.

Remember to just practice. Don’t be afraid to lose to the creature since you have to learn its attack patterns and predict its next move later.

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