Metroid Dread Escue Boss Guide

Escue is one of the many bosses you are going to find in the Metroid Dread. The battle with this...

Escue is one of the many bosses you are going to find in the Metroid Dread. The battle with this boss takes place in the southeast part of the Ferenia region. In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know for defeating Metroid Dread Escue Boss pretty easily.

Metroid Dread Escue Boss

The fight against Escue has two phases. But before these phases, we will tell you about the attacks of Escue that you will need to avoid while fighting with it.

Escue’s first attack is the slow-moving energy orb that you can dodge pretty easily. This will hit the ground and give off a pulse which will help you in jumping.

The second attack which is used by Escue is the fast flurry of energy bullets which is one of the tough attacks to avoid.

For dodging that attack you will need to jump again and again along with the dashes. You will need to move continuously until the bullets have disappeared.

The third attack is an air-to-ground charge attack which you can dodge pretty easily. You just need to keep an eye out for it and you should be able to dodge it easily.

Phase 1

The first phase is the main phase of the fight as when you reach the second phase it is almost guaranteed that you are going to defeat that boss.

So what you have to do in the first phase of the first is attack Escue with your Ice Missiles continuously and don’t give him any chance to escape. While attacking him make sure that you are dodging his attacks.

If things get tough then stop attacking for a while and just focus on dodging his attacks.

Don’t give him a window to attack you. The boss is not that difficult to beat and it can be defeated pretty quickly just follow the instruction given to you.

Continue with the attacking and dodging strategy and after some time when the boss’s health gets below a certain level, he will change his form. Now the second phase of the fight will begin.

Phase 2

Once the boss changed into a golden orb and floating in the air you can say it is the second phase of the fight. He will be leaking X parasites while floating in the air.

What you have to do here is gather the energy from the parasites and use the combination of jump and dash to avoid his attack.

You should be attacking him with your Ice missiles as you are gathering energy from the X Parasites.

The fight gets into the second phase when only a little bit of boss health is left so this phase is not going to last long. Just with a few successful hits, you will defeat Escue.

Upon defeating Escue, you will unlock the Storm Missiles ability for Samus.

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