Metro: Last Light Alternate Ending Guide – How To Get

Just like Metro 2033, there is a different ending that can be achieved by taking some right decisions throughout Metro: Last Light. There will be some decisions that you must make, in some you will have a choice while some will be hidden, and you have to find them.

During the when you perform a certain type of action, your screen will dazzle for a while followed by a short sound indicating that you have done the right thing. One more thing that you must keep in mind is that you can’t kill ANY soldiers. Yes, that is very important.

Well, it certainly isn’t an easy task to complete, but our guide below will surely help you out in some ways. While both endings have different story and results, it is recommended that you complete both as to get most out of the game.

That will add richness to the game in certain ways. Underneath are given the places and inventory items that will bring about those dazzling screen flashes, and you will make your way towards the different ending.

There are other things that bring forth those decisions/choices but those aren’t missable. For more help on Metro: Last Light, read our Diary Pages Locations, Musical Instruments Locations and Visions Guide.

Metro: Last Light Alternate Ending Walkthrough

When you get back from your dream/vision – play the guitar lying in your room. As you make your way through the Sparta Station, play the Bakalli in the lobby that is outside the Miller’s room.


When you arrive at top of the prisoner’s den, pull the lever on the control panel and free all the prisoners. That will also get you “Freedom” achievement worth 10G Gamerscore. Once again, remember that you must not kill any of these soldiers if you want the alternative ending. Just knock them out if you want to but just don’t kill them.

After entering the hallway that leads to the big room, you will come across a man getting beaten up. Take a right from the corner and you will hear two soldiers talking to each other. Hide behind something preferably the crates and listen to their whole conversation.

After a while, one of them will leave for the room where you started off. Follow him and wait for him to unlock the door then knock him out and pick up his gun. “A Present” achievement will pop up worth 10G Gamerscore.

As you will make your way in the large room, you will see a soldier who will surrender. Leave him that way and cause no harm. You must not kill any soldiers!

Near the theater, you will see a man who happens to be a theater critic begging for money. Give him some bullets and listen to his long speech and then give him a bullet again. Listen to the full conversation of two men sitting at a table in a kitchen near the beggar.

You must watch the complete theater show sitting on the front sit. Doing this will also unlock “Patron of Arts” achievement worth 10G Gamerscore. Before you join Pavel for a drink, you will see two girls on right showering. Just listen to their complete conversation.

Listen to the full conversation of Moskvin and Korbut and do not leave until Korbut does.

While you are driving Regina, look for a cave full of spider web. Get in that cave, you will see a red lighted room far across. Go into that room and turn on the power. When you enter the train car, go down to the left-hand side tunnel, and you will see another train car at far. Enter it and go to the end to discover a dead body there.

While pushing the train car with Regina, you will come across a room on your right-hand side, which is full of beds. Enter it and many prisoner ghosts will appear. Make your way to the back of the room and then back on the track.

Enter the water-filled room where you get the page. When you get to the body that has the page you will encounter the flash followed by the short sound.

Reach the camp and listen to the full conversation of the mother and the daughter just around the ammo store.

While driving down the tunnel you will hear a woman screaming. Take the first door to your right and enter the train car and go to your right to see a woman getting raped by two soldiers. Save her by quickly taking out the guards.

After you get to the bandit’s den. Go to the door behind the dead man on the chair and save the woman and kid inside the room. Opposite to the bandit’s base, you will see a train car with a few dead bodies inside a tunnel. Just look at them and you will get the screen flash.

Once again it is advised that you must not kill any soldiers during the mission.

After arriving in Venice, you need to give bullets to two Panhandlers. You will find the first one on the right down a thin pathway and the other one on the left side of water just before the man with the guitar.

You will come across a mother and her son near the shooting range. Talk to the son and he will tell you that he lost his teddy bear in the shooting range. Go to the shooting range and win three rounds by killing the rats.

Doing it successfully will reward you with some bullets and a teddy bear. Take the teddy bear back to the boy and you will get the “Reunion” achievement worth 10G Gamerscore.

When you enter the duct, you will see soldiers shooting some people against the wall. Make your way out quickly and stop the soldiers from killing the last living person there. Listen to his full dialogue after saving him.

At the end of the chapter, Lesnitsky will ask you to save Anna. You must do it before counts down to five. Doing it successfully will unlock “Savior” achievement.

Don’t kill any soldiers within this mission.

All you need to do in this chapter is to find all the ammo stashes. Just walk along the walls until you see a bullet icons for you to pick up. There will be a total of 5 ammo stashes that you need to pick up. Doing this successfully will get you the flashing screen.

While crossing the River of Fate with Khan, you will hear a telephone ringing and Khan will ask you to pick it up. Do it and you will get the screen flash and the sound.

After coming to the outside area, go to the building on your left and find the doorway with a rusty truck inside it and enter it. But be careful as the door will be ambushed.

You will enter a room crawling with soldiers and train cars. Just get down under the floor using a trapdoor to get underneath the floor. Do not kill Lesnitsky at the end of the mission. Instead just knock him out.

Do not kill any soldiers during the mission.

Red Square
As you start the chapter, The Dark One will keep on telling you not to hurt the watchman, and they won’t attack you in return. You need to take this tip as you will encounter a watchman later on that won’t hurt you unless you do. So don’t do that!

Do not kill any soldiers during the mission. You will come across a lot of snipers when you get to the building where Pavel is. Just keep hiding and wait for them to come to you. Once they do just knock them out! Keep this in mind that only a few will come down, not all. Ignore the ones who didn’t and move ahead with Pavel.

Do not wait to save Pavel during the end of the mission. Because if you do, he will die.

The Garden
Following the red flags in the first half of the garden will lead you left, but you won’t be able to help noticing a building in front of you. Enter that building and use wooden boards to get to the flooded room. Make your way to the back room and BOOM! You will get the dazzled screen and a sound.

Make your way to second half of the garden and you will come across a large bear. Just keep shooting at it and the mutants who will ride on its back until it runs off. Now you will see some watchmen jumping on its back. Shoot them all to take them off the bear, and it will run into the forest. Doing this successfully will unlock “Forest Guardian” achievement along with the final screen flash.

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