Metro Exodus Upgrade Locations Guide for Suit, Gear, and Equipment

While there is no Leveling System, Metro Exodus Upgrades Guide will help you find all the improvements for your suit and equipment.

Metro Exodus Upgrade Locations

In Metro Exodus, you’ll be continuously upgrading the equipment and weapons you possess. The scavenged raw materials will improve the armor and resources you have and will increase your survival chances.

While you will be completing your tasks and saving people, you will be discovering locations where the upgrades for Artyom’s equipment and gear are hidden. Any additional valuable item picked by you will disappear from the map.

The following are the equipment upgrades that you can find in the Volga:

Wrist Compass
After Duke helps you, he will mark a location on your map. The location will take you to a plane. Enter the plane and you will find the Wrist Compass in the cockpit entrance of the plane.

Later, when you unlock the workbench, you can craft the Wrist Compass.


Gas Mask
You will find a container on the west side of the tracks. Inside the container, you will find a chest at the container. Open it and you will find the Gas Mask.

Night Vision Goggles
If you found the key when you saved the captives in the camp, then you can easily open the door on the other side to acquire the Night Vision Goggles.

If you didn’t get the key then you’d have to go around the train and unlock the door there to get the Night Vision Goggles.

Ammo Pouches
Inside the bandits camp who have captivated some people. Kill the captivators and release the prisoners. The prisoners will give you a key that will help you find the Night Vision Goggles. Enter the camp and you will find the Ammo Pouches.

Battery Charge Controller
Go to the island in the middle bottom of your map. There you will find a shed. Climb to the rooftop from there and enter the room with the corpse. With the corpse, you will find a Battery Charge Controller.

Throwing Weapons Harness
Visit the Gas Station and enter its backroom, the one with the radio. There you will find the thrown weapons, pick them up. You will also find the Armor Upgrade. You can only pick one.

Reinforced Helmet
There is a destroyed helmet captured by bandits. Enter the building and you will find the Reinforced Helmet near a fireplace. The helmet gives you increased armor.

Motion Sensor
You will find this upgrade in the desert area. Enter the place with the bandits and clear the area. You will find the upgrade on the table.

The following are the equipment upgrades that you can find in the Caspian Sea:

This upgrade is located in the deck of a destroyed ship. Go to the bottom section of the deck and down the stairs. The Compass is on the desk.

Motion Tracker
For this upgrade, you have to climb at the top of the ship. You have to kill the enemies and you will find the tracker at the top. The Motion Tracker will help you with the location of the enemies.

Armored Helmet
The Armored Helmet is inside the main area of the destroyed ship. Kill the enemies you find in the way and release the prisoners. The Armored Helmet is in the main area.