Metro Exodus Morality System May Influence Your Game Ending

The Metro Exodus Morality System is based on its iterations. This Morality system takes note of the moral choices that you make as a player in the game.

Like its previous games, Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light the upcoming game Metro Exodus too will have a Morality System. What is interesting is the fact that Metro Exodus Morality System may influence the ending of your game.

The creative director of the game Andriy Prokhorov gave a very cryptic statement that “You will get what you deserve” which surely implies that what we do in the game, the decisions we make, will be having an influence to the ending of the game.

The morality system holds players accountable for the choices they make in the game. If you did not come across it there is not much to worry about because there is no grand ceremony or any type of ping nor any notification that pops up, if you make a moral choice.

There is just a quick flash of light that hits the screen, it almost can get unnoticed whenever a player has made a choice.

This type of feature is what makes this game different from other games. Where other games are not able to make morality as influential as possible, here the developers have made a system that is really nicely designed to let you not even notice that your own moral choices are having an impact in the game and possibly the ending. So it all becomes very natural and smooth.

If you remember Metro 2033 where there was a mutant rat, Nosalis, who apparently had no beef with the player, although the players found him growling as if it posed any type of threat.

Killing him revealed that he was not guarding the valuables in his nest. So by now, the player had made a moral choice and that got noted by the Morality system of the game and will influence later on in as a form of karma. So basically you get negative karma points and positive karma points affecting what ending you’ll get.

Seems like the developers 4A Games will not be letting this system go. On top of that, it seems like in Metro Exodus Morality System will be even more at play than before. The developers added that they didn’t want to make a game where the players are posed with a scenario because that becomes too predictable and predictability in a game is its weakness.

The executive producer Jon Bloch told  said that they “want to see how people play, and then the game reacts to how you play.”

Considering Metro Exodus Morality System will be a more enhanced version compared to the game’s predecessor, you will need to watch out what kind of decisions you make. Will you knock out your enemies or prefer to bypass them, even worse, kill them in cold blood. Whatever you do as a player will certainly determine your story in the game.

On a related note, publishers of Metro Exodus have changed. THQ Nordic has recently acquired Koch Media for €121M and because of that the company now has exclusive rights to Metro, Dead Island, Saints Row and many others.

Source: gameinformer