SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda Has Doubts About Metal Slug Reboot, Asks What The Fans Want

SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda has some doubts about Metal Slug reboot and especially when it comes to its one hit kill factor so the director asked the fans.

If you are a gamer, you would have definitely heard about Metal Slug which launched back in 1996. But recently SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda was found discussing Metal Slug Reboot and how he’s facing serval issues including the one hit mechanic which we are not used to nowadays so he asked the fans about what they want.

During a recent interview with DualShockers at Tokyo Game Show 2018, SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda discussed Metal Slug in details and how challenging the series really is due to its one hit kill factor along with multiple enemies. Though in the end, turned it around and asked the fans.

He said:

If we rebooted Metal Slug in some way, would they [gamers] be happy with the same “one hit you die” mechanic? Do gamers today think we should put it out that way?”

“Obviously there is a lot of stuff that people want us to reboot. We have people asking for Garou [Fatal Fury], people asking for Art of Fighting, people asking for Last Blade, people asking for Metal Slug… We would love to do all of them for obvious reasons. There are always discussions going on, but whenever we get down to it and we start talking about Metal Slug we start thinking, is it ok to put out a game like that nowadays?

Looks like the time has come to play some of our favourite games once again as it’s pretty clear that they would love to reboot many games. The way is clear, SNK’s Game Division Deputy General Manager Yasuyuki Oda is looking for some help from the fans to address the common issues which will help him bring us our childhood games back but better than ever.

Now it’s entirely on you whether you want it back or not, if yes then what about the one hit kill factor which I personally loved back in the day as it was really competitive and kept everyone at trying their best to go through missions.

Metal Slug was an original run and gun game released back in 1996 and the latest was Metal Slug 7 which has now been made backwards compatible on Xbox One.

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