Metal Gear Survive Is Unlike Any Other Metal Gear Title, Says Producer

Metal Gear Survive is not in the good graces of Metal Gear fans and developer Konami is doing its best to maintain the things in the game that has made the whole franchise popular among the gaming community and according to game’s producer, Metal Gear Survive is unlike any other Metal Gear game.

Speaking with Xbox Magazine, Metal Gear Survive producer Yuji Korekado talked about the upcoming title and revealed that the upcoming Metal Gear game is unlike any Metal Gear that has released.

According to the producer, the game retains the stealth-action genre which is a staple of the franchise and combines them with new elements that make Metal Gear Survive a unique entry in the franchise.

The game retains the stealth action that has made the series such a success and adds new gameplay elements – including survival. The result is a Metal Gear title unlike any before

This is quite a bold claim from the producer of the upcoming title, however, we will reserve our judgment until the game releases for PC and consoles. However, I personally doubt that the game will be able to surpass any previous Metal Gear game that were developed under Hideo Kojima.

In related news, a Metal Gear Survive beta will be taking place later this month. The beta will start on January 18 and will continue until January 20 and will only be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Furthermore, the game also requires a constant internet connection for players to play the game. The confirmation that Metal Gear Survive needs always online connection comes from the game’s final box art which reveals that the game requires an internet connection to be played.

Metal Gear Survive is a co-op survival action game and it will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in February 2018.

Source: Xbox Magazine

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