Metal Gear Survive Platinum Guide – Unlock All Achievements/Trophies, 100% Guide

Metal Gear Survive Platinum Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about unlocking all the Achievements/Trophies and attaining 100% completion status.

The newest installment in the Metal Gear franchise is equal parts thrilling and challenging. For those hardcore series fans or even newcomers looking for some silverware, we’ve compiled this Metal Gear Survive Platinum Guide to help you unlock the Platinum Trophy on PS4 or 100% Achievements on Xbox One and PC.

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Metal Gear Survive Platinum

As you must know, this will require you to unlock all Achievements/Trophies in the game whether they might belong to the singleplayer component of the game or the multiplayer one. Therefore, bear with us and in no time (well, that’s not quite true, used only as a figure of speech here), you’ll have hands on that shiny Platinum.

Below, you’ll find the names of the Achievements/Trophies along with a brief description on how to unlock them. Furthermore, proceed with caution, as some descriptions will contain minor spoilers for the Main Story of the game.

This is the first Achievement/Trophy that you’re likely to achieve since all it involves is you crating the first ever item in the game. You can check the guide linked above for more information.

This is when you reach your Base of Operations called ‘Dite’. This will happen during a cutscene when the Metal Gear Survive logo appears.

The Soldier
This Achievement /Trophy will unlock after reaching a certain point where you will be able to talk/interact with a soldier named Reeves.

Keep going along the construction part of the game and progress to unlock the Trophy/Achievement.

You’ll reach a point in the game, later on, where you’ll unlock the feature to expand your base. To do this, you’ll also have to take the extra effort of removing any hurdles like fences or debris of rocks out of the way to facilitate the expansion process.

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Unlock this Achievement/Trophy when you first use Skill Trainer. So basically it’s a Trophy/Achievement for learning your first ever skill in the game.

Finish your first mission as guided by Virgil.

The Nurse
Once inside the dust, locate a nurse named Miranda. It’s really hard to miss considering the fact that she’s near a crashed vehicle on an elevated rock.

During one of the missions, you will be required to defend your base. Protection Gadgets like fences and barricades can be destroyed as the enemy approaches. What’s recommended is that you set up Machine Gun Type-M on each side of the fence which surrounds your base. This will help you to keep the enemy at bay.

The Boy
Just like ‘The Nurse’ Trophy/Achievement, find a boy named ‘Chris’ during one of the missions.

Whilst carrying out one of the missions, your first ever drilling site will have failed. This will prompt you to drill Iris in this area, which is a bit far from the base.

Since this region has no workbenches, you will need to be prepared and ready for any enemies or other calamities like hunger, thirst or sickness. We recommend bringing over lots of food, water resources, firearms and defensive equipment like fences.

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The Cop
In a region quite far away from the main base, you are required to bring in food supplies, carry firearms with full ammo especially Molotovs. This will allow you to carry out the mission successfully and rescue a cop named ‘Nicolas’.

Since most players are facing a real challenge with this part of the game so we’ll talk a little more about it. There will a lot of wanderers in the area where the mission takes places so using melee weapons will come in handy. Once Nicolas is found, lay him down on a place which is safe and distant from any of the enemies.

ProTip: Kill the wolves in the area.

Then deal with the wanderers. A good strategy, as players pointed out, is a trick which includes you climbing on a rock in the region and taking out the wanderers without receiving any hits. Once done, boot up the wormhole transporter and be ready to clear 20 or so wanderers till you can safely carry the cop through the portal and back to the base.

Another mission where you defend a tower using fences, barricades, and powerful firearms. Trophy/Achievement unlocks after successfully completing the objective.

Escape an enemy named Lord of Dust which will transport you to a similar looking Africa from The Phantom Pain. Hence, the refugee!

The Giant
Successfully located a giant nuclear-armed bipedal tank named Sahelanthropus during one of the missions.

The EM Gun
This mission is quite challenging as it requires you to protect the above-mentioned giant, Sahelanthropus for fifteen and a half minutes while battling rather aggressive enemy forces all the while the wormhole transporter is able to generate enough energy to transport the giant war machine. Therefore, here’s an effective procedure you could carry out to get that Trophy:

Barricade the drilling site or wormhole transporter with fences. Use normal fences to poke the horde with spears while wooden fences for keeping some of the other ones occupied. Also, place machine guns to keep the enemy out at all costs.

Once the mortars and trackers appear, go and hide behind a rock and use your firearms, preferably shotguns, rifles, and other close-ranged weapons, to take out all kinds of enemies. Good luck with all of that because you’re going to need it!

Defeat ‘Seth’ in a boss fight and save Chris. In addition, worthy of note: Seth cannot be backstabbed!

Take care since this is an Trophy/Achievement that can easily be missed. Once you send Chris into the wormhole in order to fight Lord of Dust, a cutscene will follow.

After this cutscene, don’t proceed to protect the traps, but instead head over back to the wormhole near the edge and at the very top. This will trigger another cutscene, an alternative ending to the game.

Another mission, another tower defense, oh boy, this is getting repetitive. Unlike the previous tower defense missions though, this one doesn’t have a time limit. Therefore, you need to focus solely to pumping up those number of enemies killed.

The last mission of the story, presumably, unlocks after Lord of Dust is destroyed at the hands of you and completing two mini-missions.

First mini-mission involves digging of Iris Energy which will take you five and a half minutes. After this, a target shows up on a bridge nearby and he needs to be rescued. This will unlock the main and last mission thereafter.

Make sure to get the Walker Gear from Code Talker’s house to battle enemies more effectively. Go back to the camp using the ‘return to base camp’ option from the main menu. There’s your Achievement/Trophy. Do note that this will also Unlock Sub-classes in the game.

Complete your first co-op mission at any difficulty.

Complete a side mission (marked blue on the map) during one of the Salvage Missions.

Rod and Snake
Rescue a total of 30 allies spanning across the course of the Salvage Missions.

Comrades in Arms
Complete 50 Salvage Missions.

Be the MVP in 30 Salvage Mission. Note that the mission must be successful; therefore, you can’t go with pre-made team and finish after a single wave.

Weapons-related Achievements/Trophies

These are easier to accomplish in the Salvage Missions of the co-op mode since the difficulty can be chosen, unlike the singleplayer, so set it to ‘Easy’ if you don’t want a real challenge. These Trophies/Achievements are just run-of-the-mill tasks which, basically, if you play the game enough you’ll be receiving the rewards.

Make 300 kills with a piercing armor weapons. Most of the weapons fall under this category.

Make 300 kills with a bow. Recommended to use heavy and normal arrows as fire arrows count as blow kills.

Make 300 kills with one-handed weapon like a handgun. Easiest to carry out with a shock-rod.

Make 300 kills with interceptor units. This includes Heavy Machine Gun Type M and Mortar.

Make 300 kills with two-handed weapons.

Make 300 kills with a heavy weapon like the Heavy Sledgehammer.

Best buddy
Make 300 kills with an Auto Turret. Recommended to use your own Auto Turret rather than crafting it since that takes up some time.

Make 300 kills using defense units which include barred-fences that inflict damage upon contact with the enemies.

Kill 50 wanderers by using ‘Foot Press’ ability and throw them at a spiked barricade.

Hunt down your first animal. Do note that 2 sheep can be found near the Dite Base – make sure to hunt them down and collect the meat.

Cook meat of any animal using campfire.

Harvest your first crops. Find which foods/crops to plant using the construction table under the ‘Resource Facilities’. Wait for them to be fully grow, and then harvest them.

Use the ‘Revive’ pill. This brings you back from the dead. You can find some of them in your inventory by default when the game starts.

For this, first, you’ll need to unlock the Exploration Team. Then select one of the members of the crew and send them to a mission fully armed and medically fit. After one of them completes the mission, go to the Exploration Camp and collect the rewards.

Unlock a chest of hard difficulty. These chests appear all over the map in Africa. One appears near Wormhole 04. You have to pick the lock flawlessly.

Iron Wall
Not much lies in the description of the Trophy/Achievement which states ‘Defend the Base with no Losses’. Are these losses human fatalities? Or damages to defense equipment like fences?

It’s unclear at the moment since I was able to unlock the Trophy but did manage to get a few walls of the base destroyed. Remember, we’re talking about the post-game invasion.

Kill all boss creatures. Remember these are creatures which are found as red-spots on the map. ‘Seth’ and ‘The Lord of Dust’ don’t get included in this.

Unlock all skills. This will require Kuban Energy, the local game currency, so keep playing through the salvage missions to acquire the Trophy/Achievement.

Obtain every recipe of gear. These recipes are collected by sending crew members on Exploration Missions and unlocking chests. More details are soon to emerge on this Trophy/Achievement once the game gets discussed more.

Survive 140 days and 15 hours without dying. For unlocking this Achievement/Trophy, make sure to collect, plant, and harvest as much food resources to keep you alive for the desired amount of time.

Explore both maps until they read 100% completion. To do this, simply go to the unexplored ‘squares’.

Have a crew of 30 alive members in your team all at once.

This is all we have in our Metal Gear Survive Platinum Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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