Mesut Ozil Fortnite Channel is Live on Twitch, Soccer and Battle Royale!

The Arsenal playmaker has started his Twitch channel to gather his fans on the platform. Fans of both the battle royale game and football are joining up to see their man play Fortnite. Earlier the Ozil Fortnite stream went live on his channel.

The German footballer intends to catch up to the trend of streaming live gameplay online. The first live stream featured Mesut along with his club teammate. Sead Kolasinac was the one accompanying him on the first Fortnite stream on Twitch.

He had been building up the anticipation for his channel on social media for some time. Over 85,000 viewers tuned in to see their favorite footballer play their favorite game. This landmark is quite impressive as it is only behind by a few numbers of established channels.

Moreover, Mesut has been showing a keen interest in the video gaming industry for some time. Ozil even launched his own eSports Team not a while back. Besides, Fortnite might not turn out as the best choice as Black Ops 4 Blackout outperformed it.

Fortnite had been dominating Youtube and Twitch for a while but not everything lasts. The Ozil Fortnite stream has had a promising headstart let’s see if that continues in the future. Drake and Ninja have managed to set a record of viewers on Twitch before.

Astute eSports Gamer.